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Angelise Ikaruga Misurugi (アンジュリーゼ・斑鳩・ミスルギ Anjurīze Ikaruga Misurugi?) is the titular protagonist of the CROSS ANGE Rondo of Angel and Dragon television series. She was the beloved First Princess of the Empire of Misurugi. However, after her older brother Julio revealed that she was a Norma, she was stripped of her privileges. She was then exiled to the island of Arzenal where she, under the new name known as Ange (アンジュ Anju?), was forced to fight DRAGON's with her fellow Norma while piloting the Ragna-mail AW-CBX007 (AG) Villkiss.

After receiving news that her younger sister Sylvia was to be executed, she returned to her homeland to attempt a rescue. Unfortunately, it was a trap, as Sylvia betrayed her and it was revealed that the news of the execution was false. She was then sentenced to death, but was able to escape with the help of Tusk, returning to Arzenal thereafter.

When Libertus succeeded and Embryo was executed by Tusk, Ange and the other Norma went to live with the DRAGON’s. The only mana users to join them were Momoka and Emma Bronson. Ange is last seen on Earth opening a café with Tusk and having a karaoke contest against Salamandinay. The rest of the Norma are enjoying their new lives among the DRAGON’s and are shocked when they meet Vivian’s father in his DRAGON form.


The name Angelise is a combination of the names Ange and Elise. Ange is the root of the name Angelique in French and Angelina in Italian. Both names mean "Messenger of God" and the root Ange comes from "Angel". Elise is of French and Hebrew origin, meaning "God is my Oath". These names are perfect for describing the main heroine. Ange pilots the Ragna-Mail Villkiss, an angel of destruction and creation. She is the second person capable of piloting the Villkiss; the messenger of hope the Norma have waited for since Jill. After being put up for execution by her siblings in front of the mana-society Angelise, together with Hildegard Schlievogt make a "vow to destroy the infuriating world together".

Mitsurugi is a name of Japanese with several meanings depending on which kanji is used. It can mean: Three Swords, Beautiful Sword, or Heavenly Sword.


Angelise is a beautiful young girl with long, golden hair and pink eyes (describe by Embryo "burning eyes" or "flaming eyes"). She has a slender yet voluptuous figure with a well-endowed chest. After her training on Arzenal, she gains tone. During her time as an imperial princess, she frequently wore dresses.

As a princess, she spoke with a dignified and prideful voice.

When she sheds her royal heritage and accepts that she is a Norma, Angelise changes drastically in both appearance and personality. She accepts her new identity Ange and ceremonially cuts her golden hair short and adopts a stoic disposition. Ange’s speech pattern completely changes to a more normal and casual tone. She no longer speaks with her prideful royal voice and now speaks with a more harsh and serious tone. Her face expresses either anger or is emotionless.

In Arzenal, Ange wears the standard Norma uniform with a black skirt. Her piloting Uniform is royal blue.

After Ange is captured by the Diamond Rose Knights and brought back to the Misurugi Empire, Ange dons a dress identical to the one she wore the day before being exposed as a Norma. This is used to display her growth as a person up to this point.

After Ange attacked Salia in the Misurugi Palace, she donned a Diamond Rose Knights Uniform. This is used to escape from Embryo and the Diamond Rose Knights in the Misurugi Empire. Ange and Salia are probably the same size because when she steals Salia’s uniform it fits Ange almost perfectly. The only size problem being that Ange has a significantly larger bust than Salia.

After fully unlocking the Villkiss, she dons a white piloting uniform that the Villkiss provides.

At the end of the series, Ange’s hair has grown to shoulder length. When in a karaoke contest against Sala, Ange wears a simple white sleeveless top and jeans. At the end of the series, she is seen wearing a waitress uniform for the cafe she opened with Tusk.

Personality & Character[]

At first, Angelise portrayed herself as dignified, proud, and loving. Acting like a sister-figure to the other girls at her school, prioritized them over winning a game, yet also felt that as a princess, she should be the best at everything, which Julio criticized as trying to be a "perfect princess". She genuinely considered her maid Momoka to be a close personal friend and felt that all of the people of her country were equals, and that as the first princess, she should lead them. However, her ideology of equality did not account to the Norma, believing them not to be human and that they were vile in nature and should be quarantined at all cost.

Upon her exposure as a Norma, something she was not even aware of, she completely denied the possibility, seeing herself as a kind person which contrasted with what the genuine public thought of them. She heavily denied what she was when she was exiled to Arzenal and her chauvinism got her off to an uneasy start with the other Norma comrades. She clung onto her past privileges, status, reputation, and confidently claimed that her being sent to Arzenal was a mistake and that her empire would send for her release. She used her inability to use Mana as an excuse to reassure herself.(CROSS ANGE: "Fallen Princess")

Her time in Arzenal has been shown to have weighed down heavily on her psyche. Having a cavity search, and seeing the deaths of Coco Reeve, Miranda Campbell, and Zola Axberg, have had a driving impact on her to the point of simply wanting to die. Coco was particularly tragic because she reminded her of her own sister, but quickly denied it to herself when she thought of it.

In the end, her mother's last words to her "live on" became her sole driving force to continue existing, and this is what stopped her from her suicidal impact on a DRAGON to kill it instead.(CROSS ANGE: "Villkiss Awakens")

Afterward, Angelise finally accepted the fact that she is a Norma, abandoned her former identity, and vowed to kill in order to survive by ceremonially cutting her hair short.

Under her new identity "Ange", her personality is a lot calmer and strong-willed. However, since she had always believed that Norma aren't human, she can no longer see herself as human either.

Ange no longer wants anything to do with her former self. When Momoka arrived at Arzenal and referred to her as "Angelise", Ange pretended she didn't even know her old name nor Momoka herself. When Momoka later tried somewhat to change her lifestyle into what it used to be, when she was still a princess, Ange angrily rejected it all and told Momoka is no longer "Angelise". She did, however, show some regret that her being a Norma, supposedly, played a big role in the disappearance of the Empire of Mitsurugi.

Initially, she would act very cold to the other residents of Arzenal, claiming to see them as nothing more than "bugs", "pests" and "cockroaches". She didn't see the 1st squadron as a team, because Hilda, Rosalie and Chris continuously attempted to shoot her down and hinder her during combat. Causing Ange to continuously ignore her orders and try to kill as many DRAGON's by herself as possible, which also caused her earn more money, which inadvertently caused her teammates to develop a sense of jealousy. Ange didn't want to get close to anyone, as seen when she slapped away Vivian's hand when she tried to give her a little mascot in an attempt to start a friendship. However, after meeting Tusk, Ange began to open up to others more. She would, however, still ignore her orders and kill as many DRAGON's alone as she could. However, after she prevented her teammates from being killed by a dragon, which was only possible because she followed her orders, and Salia ordered Hilda, Rosalie, and Chris to stop targeting her, Ange agreed to listen to her superiors and to stop taking all the kills for herself and finally, she began to form a bond with her teammates.

Despite her cold demeanor towards others, it is hinted several times that deep down Ange still cared about others. When there was a possibility that Momoka might have been executed because she discovered the existence of Arzenal and the DRAGON's, she used all the money she earned up till that point to save her by "purchasing" her. Also, Mei believed that the real reason why Ange tried to kill all of the DRAGON's by herself was that she didn't want anyone else to die because of her, like Coco, Miranda, and Zola did. Also, she tried to reason with her old friend Akiho when she had returned to Misurugi before the latter tried to alert the police in secret.

When asked by Misty if she really was a Norma when the latter visited Arzenal, Ange freely admitted to it, before using her to escape. After the transport locks had been freed by Hilda who also wished to escape, she attempted to ditch the person most responsible for bullying her. Hilda persisted and caught up, and explained her motives for escape, and the two finally buried their grudge once and for all.

After being put up for execution and being subject to the jeers of the Mana society, Ange realizes their true nature and calls them savages. At the detention cell, she chastises her old self for believing in friendship and bonds and proposes to "destroy the infuriating world" together with Hilda. She deemed the Mana-users stupid and very despicable.

Skills and Abilities[]

Formerly, when she was still a princess, Ange was shown to be skilled at Iaria, being the ace in her team. She was also shown to have leadership qualities, being able to inspire and guide her teammates and others.

After she was moved to Arzenal and started to get military training it was revealed that she has the potential to be a talented soldier, for being above average in all fields. She is the only person to be able to operate the Ragna-mail Villkiss other than Jill. Mei believes that the reason behind this is because Villkiss, "accepted" Ange. She is also in possession of a Royal Ring her mother gave to her, which seems to have the ability to allow her to both activate and control the Vilkiss remotely. Ange was shown to be skilled in hand-to-hand combat. She easily overpowers three members of the Diamond Rose Knights single-handedly.

Ange is shown to have quick reflexes as she kills two of Embryo’s holograms in rapid succession. As a Norma, Ange has the ability to destroy and cancel all types of Mana.



Born into the Royal Family, the secret of her being a Norma was kept from her and the public. Until the age of 16, she was unaware of her inability to use Mana because her maid, Momoka Oginome, had always used it to protect and serve her, thus removing the need for her to use it.(CROSS ANGE: "Fallen Princess", "Villkiss Awakens")

Exile to Arzenal[]

She was to take part in her baptism ritual for her sixteenth birthday. To hide the fact that she was a Norma, her father, Emperor Jurai Asuka Misurugi planned to simulate the effects of Mana during the ritual. Following a game of Iaria against a school of the Kingdom of Rosenblum, her car was stopped as police arrested a Norma infant, Serra. Angelise declared that Norma were not human and urged Serra's Mother to bear another child, one that was not a Norma, Angelise's words deeply offended her. After the scene, Angelise's mother gives her the family ring and tells her "may the light protect her, always."

Angelise's baptism, however, went horribly wrong as Julio Asuka Misurugi stopped the rigged ritual to show the citizens of the Empire that their beloved princess was a Norma and their parents were in on the scandal, allowing him to claim his place on the throne. As a result, she was exiled to the island of Arzenal while her mother was shot by police. Arriving on the island, Angelise was informed by Inspector Emma Bronson that she would fight in the military, but when Angelise asks what happened to her mother, Emma Bronson ignores her and confiscate her possessions, such as what she is wearing for jewelrys. When the Inspector tries to take Angelise's ring, she angrily refuses and calls the Inspector a "lowely officer", which upsets the Inspector and takes out her belt implying that she will spank her with it, but before she goes any further a woman appears and tells the Inspector that a "norma is best handle by another norma". The woman introduces herself to Angelise as Jill the commander at Arzenal and unlocks Angelise's handcuffs. Angelise tells Jill that she is not a norma and before she continues talking, Jill kicks her in the stomach, knocking her to the wall. Jill is surprised that Angelise lasted 16 years without using Mana and asks her that if she didn't even think it was strange that she never use it. Inspector Emma Bronson informs Jill that Angelise has a maid that would use Mana for her and Jill believes that Angelise's mother died in vain; Angelise is shocked to find out her mother died. Jill then takes her ring away and tells Angelise to take it back using her Mana. Angelise tries to use her Mana, but it was no good revealing that she is a norma. Jill then tells her that she had lost everything including her rights as a princess and a human. Jill takes out her knife and cuts Angelise's dress and rips it off of her. She then pins her down on a table and asks Emma Bronson to help her shackle Angelise's hands. The Inspector uses her Mana to shackle Angelise. Jill rips her panties and prepares her artificial arm while telling Angelise it's going to be a body cavity search. Angelise proclaims that she is the first Princess of the Misuragi Empire, but Jill informs her that she no longer is and from now on that she was going to be "Ange" while entering her artificial arm inside her, which shocks her and causes her to scream in terror "No!" Sometime later she is lying on the floor naked with her ruined dress and bleeding after being searched by Jill.(CROSS ANGE: "Fallen Princess")

She was in complete denial of her status as a Norma, having looked down on the others and hoping to return to her homeland, she attempted to desert during a battle against the DRAGON's, but in doing so resulted in Coco, Miranda, and Zola's deaths.(CROSS ANGE: "Unyielding Spirit")

Later, she aggressively engaged against the DRAGONs in the Villkiss.

Afterward, Ange received a far larger sum of money than the rest for the amount of DRAGON's she killed. She headed over to her changing locker to find that all of her uniforms had been ripped, the culprit being Rosalie. She used a knife to cut part of Rosalie's uniform straps after changing. While walking by, Emma Bronson saw Ange and talked to her about the way she looked. When getting out of the training simulator she drank some of her water, but found out that Rosalie had switched them, prompting Ange to quickly run up to Rosalie and do mouth-to-mouth. This caused Rosalie to gulp down the water and rushing to the restroom. Once again, trying to pull a prank on Ange, Chris thought that what she found were Ange's undergarments, yet they were in fact Ersha's. When Ersha saw this, she got into a brawl with both Rosalie and Chris. Finally, after her shirt completely ripped, she went to Jasmine Mall to get a new set of clothes, but took a look at some of the new weapons for Para-mails that Vivian mentioned. Both ended up eating a meal with one another.

During a sortie, the Villkiss started malfunctioning and crashed into the water because of Hilda's sabotage. She tried to hold off a Scuna-class DRAGON in the water, but became completely submerged.

After awaking Ange was shocked to be undressed and strapped down to a bed beside an unknown boy.(CROSS ANGE: "A Loner's Revolt")The boy, named Tusk, helped to take care of Ange while she was on the island, although the rather unorthodox events that occurred during each of his acts to help, didn't work out as planned. He helped her repair the Villkiss. After a while, the two started to enjoy working together to repair the Villkiss, but during one of the nights, eight armed aircraft were seen transporting an anchored Galleon-class DRAGON when all of them were attacked and downed by a single Scuna-class. Tusk rushed to repair the Villkiss and Ange tried to hold it off with a knife and guns.  During the fight, Tusk finished the repair, and Ange's ring reacted remotely activating the Villkiss and having it fire at the DRAGON. Once the radio was working, Ange responded to the Search and Rescue call. Tusk decided to leave the island on the vehicle he had with his gear. (CROSS ANGE: "Ange, Lost")

Momoka stowed away on transport that delivered supplies to Arzenal. She was then caught and Ange was surprised at Momoka's arrival. Despite Momoka being delighted to see Ange, Ange became cold to her and resented her because Momoka knew about Angelise being a Norma all along. Momoka continued to assist and impress Ange despite the maltreatment and resentment until Ange ordered her to bathe together. While bathing, Momoka recalls a gash on her arm where she got when she accidentally broke a doll and Ange covered her wound. Momoka admitted that she was envious yet dedicated to serving Ange despite the harsh treatment, Ange replied that she must leave. Their bathing was interrupted by the other Norma. The next day, Momoka was about to leave Arzenal, at the last minute Ange halted Momoka's departure by buying her using her money from her savings.(CROSS ANGE: "Momoka's Here!")

After their defensive sortie, Rosalie blamed Ange for annihilating all of the DRAGONs which affected their bounty. Ange sarcastically responded to Rosalie and Salia that they must work together as a squadron. Salia headed to Jasmine so she could rent a fitting room and de-stress herself by cosplaying as a character from a book she read. However, Ange accidentally saw Salia and out of humiliation, Salia decided to confront Ange. Salia faced Ange at the baths and they bickered at each other. In the end, they had to write repentance essays as a punishment. The next day, Ange got a fever and despite Ange's absence, Salia and her squadron pushed through their training. Hilda took advantage of Ange's absence during their fight against a huge DRAGON. However, the DRAGON's gravitational spell pulled everyone down, preventing them from attacking. Hope arrived as Ange en-route to the squadron and Salia angrily lectured Ange to follow her orders. Ange did follow Salia's instructions and manage to break the DRAGON's left horn to dispel the gravitational pull the squadron finished of the DRAGON. Back at Arzenal, the squadron got a huge bounty while Ange gets a small amount. Salia asks her squadron if they're satisfied with the bounty they received and staying alive every mission they take. Rosalie and Chris decide to move on and Hilda branded her lovers as traitors. The squadron honors Ange by throwing her at the bathing area and Salia unites her squadron. The next day, Momoka intercepts an emergency Mana message where Sylvia asks if she found Ange then screams as if it is was taken.(CROSS ANGE: "Salia's Depression")

After hearing the message from Sylvia, she was concerned for herself and was not concentrating during the training. Even during the "Festa Festival," she was always worrying about her when Momoka received a Mana message from Emma, saying that Misty Rosenblum wanted to meet her but she refused and decided to disappear by wearing the Perolina costume. She saves a young girl from falling off a carousel horse, which reminds her of when Sylvia had fallen off the horse they were riding on when they were younger. She sneaks into Misty's mansion and talks to her, and that she needs help.

It was later on revealed that just like Ange, Hilda too despises being at Arzenal, and that Hilda had always desired to escape from the island in order to see her mother again who lives in the Enderant Union. An opportunity came during the "Festa Festival" occurred, where she aided in Ange's escape by hijacking Misty's Personal Transport. Though, Ange was planning to leave her behind as payback for what she did, she had a change of heart after getting to know her reason for helping her escape. After reaching their destination, Ange with Momoka, and Hilda part ways, telling one another that they must survive to meet again.(CROSS ANGE: "Bikini Escape")

After being captured, she was several times whipped by Sylvia in public that asks her to apologize to be a Norma. Julio revealed that he was the one who exposed her identity at the Baptism Ritual and waited to heard that she was devoured by another monster after she was sent to hell but she survived much to his surprise and sent Momoka without knowing that she was manipulated. She learns that her father was executed and that she was the next. She asked why she needed to be executed, her former schoolmates from the Ho-o Institute replied because she is a Norma and not a human and she made a lot of people uncomfortable and unhappy, and that is why she must be executed. Momoka tried to defend her from the citizens of Misurugi but they ignore her and chant "Hang her". Ange realized that Momoka and the people of Arzenal was the only ones who accepted her and compared the people of Misurugi to stupid pigs unreasonable and ugly and wondered why the Norma have to go through so much to keep them alive. Seeing her mother's ring, she recalled her words and started marching to the gallows while singing. She was then hanged but Tusk suddenly saves her and ended up in an awkward position. Ange, Momoka, and Tusk escape the empire with Ange wounding Julio's face using a flying blade. As they head to Arzenal, Tusk tells Ange that Jill knows everything about the Villkiss and the order that Ange must survive. Arrived at Arzenal, Jill greeted Ange with a low-blow punch and puts her to prison. In the prison cell, she is rudely greeted by Hilda and they tell their bitter stories, realizing the cruelty of their respective countries. They ended become comrades and decides to change the world once they leave their prison cell. Ange started singing the same song she sang during her execution and the entire Arzenal staff hears her song.

Ange and Momoka prepare their advance on the imperial palace. They head to the Iaria hangar and met Ange's friend Akiho, who is terrified upon seeing Ange. As Ange gets an Iaria vehicle, Akiho attempts to make an emergency call but Ange quickly notices Akiho's call and ties her up. As they maneuver around the imperial capital, they were being ambushed and chased until Ange heads to a hidden passage. As they reached the imperial palace, Ange was being confronted by imperial guards and rescues Sylvia. However, Sylvia slices Ange's left arm, revealing she now despises her, blaming Ange for her paraplegic status and the death of her mother. Ange is shocked when she hears Sylvia's resentful words, which results in her being captured by the imperial guards.(CROSS ANGE: "The Hometown of Betrayal")After a week of detention, Ange and Hilda complain about being hungry and about not being able to take a bath. During the attack of Scuna-Class DRAGONs, they heard gunfire and asked what is happening in Arzenal heard a mysterious song. After that they have feeling the attack of mysterious Para-mail who destroyed half of the island, a Scuna-Class destroyed the prison, Momoka found and delivers them. Ange, Hilda, and Momoka arrived in the hangar and discovered that the Villkiss has disappeared, Mei informed them that Salia had pilots it. She joints her with Hilda and says her to give back her machine but Salia refuses and fights the mysterious Para-mail who defeated her very rapidly. Ange says to Hilda to chase her, and as Salia lost control of the Villkiss, Ange jumped from Hilda's Para-mail and landed on Villkiss. Salia says her that there is no more hope and that they passed the drop threshold but she reassures her with this machine it's not over yet and she succeeds to recover Villkiss. She throws Salia to Hilda changes the Villkiss in assault mode and engages the mysterious Para-mail which they fire shots and land blows on each other. However, the mysterious Para-mail suddenly flies backward and the pilot starts singing, which caused the red Para-mail to glow gold. Ange responses also by singing, which causes her ring to start interacting with Villkiss. As they sing, both of the mecha's glow gold, and two cannons located on the respective mecha's shoulders become visible. After a brief charging time, both of the mecha's cannons burst forth a blast of wind. Ange confronts the pilot who asks her why she sings the true Star Song before she unknown pilot gets out of her Para-mail. Ange gets out too of her own mecha and asks her who is she and what is that song. The two pilots then discover the images of their stories and relation, Salamandinay quickly leaves and telling Ange the truth lies in Aura.(CROSS ANGE: "Dragon Song")

Jill deputizes Hilda as interim squad leader while Salia is in detention for disobeying orders. Right after the meeting ends Jill honors Ange's earlier request to tell her everything at the hot springs bath, where she reveals that the World of Mana was devised by a man named Embryo in hopes of creating a world of peace. Norma, users who were unable to use Mana, were seen as a threat to this society, so he made a scapegoat of them by claiming they intentionally rejected Mana and put them to use by shipping them off to Arzenal. Jill reveals Tusk was the last of an original non-mana using race called the ancients, who rebelled against the Mana Society, managed to steal the Villkiss from the Misurugi Empire, but at great sacrifice, and formed an alliance with the Norma at Arzenal and given them the Villkiss. Lastly, Jill reveals her former true identity as Alektra Maria von Levenherz, the first princess of the Galia Empire, similarly exiled off to Arzenal when she was found to be a Norma. Her royal ring made her the first pilot ever to successfully handle the Villkiss and become the first great hope for Libertus. Unfortunately, Jill lost her arm, her squad, and her ring in a disastrous deployment. Jill had noted how she had broken "the final lock" to Villkiss through her song and proposed joining Libertus. She, while in theoretical agreement, refused to join on someone else's persuasion and as someone else's tool. She asks her a question about what the dragons are, to which Jill just smirks, suddenly the report of a dragon survivor arrives. When the dragon flew around outside Arzenal it meets Ange and it make a voice like Ange's song by hum, Ange then came to understand and start sing the song. Right after the song has ended, Ange touches the dragon which changes into Vivian who starts to cry because she doesn't understand what is happening to her but Ange reassures her by saying that she had recognized her. After that Maggy brought Vivian to the infirmary, she started to understand that the dragon is made from humans. When Ange witnesses the dead DRAGONs have been buried into a hole for immolation, Ange is unable to stop them. Knowing the dragon that from human Ange makes a vow not to kill the dragon again and never to ride Vilkiss again.(CROSS ANGE: "Her Right Arm's Past")

As Julio's fleet advances to Arzenal, Jill orders the entire staff to ignore the message and prepare to defend themselves as she initiates Operation Libertus. The naval fleet sees the Arzenal arming up their defenses, hence Julio commands to attack and make an assault on Arzenal, Jill also orders Salia to guard Ange. When Julio's troops make way to Arzenal and start killing people, she and Momoka Oginome are forcibly taken by Salia and Jasmine, but Momoka said Ange to hold her breath and threw pepper and manage to escape then head to the cafeteria where they discovered corps burned. Ange recalled the dead DRAGONs burned into the hole and started to cough, Momoka get to bring some water for her and she met Embryo that informed her that it was her brother that ordered this massacre and he indicated her his position by saying that Julio came to make mincemeat of her. Suddenly, she heard a gunshot and Momoka's scream, two soldiers of Julio's troop injured Momoka, she killed one of the soldiers and interrogated the other who revealed that he was just followed the orders of Julio before being killed by several bullets by Ange who decided to head out and confront Julio. Ange heads to the hangar by saying Hildegard Schlievogt to take care of Momoka and leaves Arzenal using Villkiss, attacking soldiers and their Mana-powered weapons as she heads to Julio. Salia tries to stop Ange but Ange tells Salia that she started to like Arzenal so she will protect it slashes Arquebus Salia arms by saying that if she got in her way, she'll kill her. Using the power of her ring, Villkiss turns red, she notices a light barrier protecting her Villkiss and destroyed Julio's ships. She finally confronts Julio who shot him in his leg and ordered him to stop the massacre, he recalled his troops but Ange prepared to deliver the killing blow but Embryo interferes using his EM-CBX001 Hysterica Ragna-Mail to stop Ange. Embryo said to her that he will carry the burden of her sin and suddenly sang the "Endless Song" and activated its powerful attack, annihilating Julio's naval fleet in the process. Ange asked him who is he but Tusk arrived and fired him by saying to Ange that this man is dangerous and she had to get away. Embryo set his sights on Tusk and Vivian and sang again, Ange tried to save Tusk, the ring reactivate and turned the Villkiss into blue. Hysterica shots but Villkiss suddenly disappears along with Tusk and Vivian.(CROSS ANGE: "Arzenal in Flames")

Ange woke up in her Villkiss and met Vivian in her Scuna-Class DRAGON form and Tusk who asked her if she wasn't injured. She recalled the events with Embryo and thought that they were above the water, she looked around a bit and asked where they were. She and Tusk tried in vain to contact Arzenal, Tusk affirmed that he didn't know a place like this near Arzenal, they assumed that the place was in a different dimension, far away from Arzenal. Tusk said that the Villkiss has the potential to jump between different dimensions Ange makes a reconnaissance trip on the back of DRAGON Vivian, and she is stunned to see the Dawn Pillar in the Misurugi Empire, however, her eyes are drawn to the deserted house which was completely destroyed. They followed the automatic guide robot, and then saw a building that seems like a shelter. After they enter the capital third shelter, a management computer called Himawari actives, and showed that the population has decreased to 11% due to world war seven called “Ragnarok” or "the D war", which took place in a very large-scale nation, between the Association of Unification Economy and the Half Continent Alliance Organization. In the face of this abnormal situation, the Ragna-Mail was released, ending the standoff over the war, thus bringing a conclusion to the war. The reaction furnaces on the Earth exploded due to Ragna-Mail, which has the overwhelming dimension resonance weapon, and the earth became a place that is almost impossible to survive in. This happened 538 years ago. Last of all, it informed Ange and Tusk that they are currently the only two living people on the planet. Ange was unable to accept the situation that they are currently in and takes it out on the others. But, she was inquisitive about what happened to Arzenal's co-workers. Tusk told Ange that they had always fought to liberate people from the domination of Embryo. However, she says it seems that their hard work had gone to waste, causing a hostile atmosphere between the two. However, Ange sent a present to Tusk, and remarkably, by apologizing for the former things she makes up with him. Later, they found a well-preserved Hotel Room and decided to live there. Tusk revealed that Embryo, who was the supreme leader who united the world, has been manipulating humanity from behind the scenes, and that he was the arch-nemesis of them. In the meantime, Ange and Tusk enjoy some peaceful time together that deepens their bond. And, Tusk said it was thanks to Ange that he realized his mission again. Suddenly two mysterious women riding on a Galleon-Class DRAGON burst into the house. One of them asked if they were the ones who sent the distress signal and welcomed them to their world the true Earth.(CROSS ANGE: "Ange and Tusk")

Ange, Tusk, Vivian and the Villkiss are transported by DRAGONs to a castle in the mountains, where Vivian is soon shot with a tranq dart and taken away. Ange and Tusk are taken to see the High Priestess and her council, where not only Ange's temper gets away from her, but Tusk is under a lot of scrutinies. Things look grim until Salamandinay, the pilot Ange met above Arzenal, presented herself and offered them hospitality and to show the two their world. During a tea ceremony, Ange's patience runs thin and she attempts to take their hostess hostage where Salamandinay brought Ange to the Tower of Aura showed her how they survived on their Earth, but also the source of the Mana of Light and the truth of the war between Arenzal and the DRAGONS and Embryo. Ange tries to attack Salamandinay, but is quickly subdued. She wakes up in a hospital bed with a human Vivian looking after her and learns that Vivian can now control her transformations thanks to Dr. Gecko adjusting her DRAGON gene. They hear Tusk yell in the next room, where Ange and Vivian find a naked Tusk strapped to a table and surrounded by a bunch of young DRAGON. Dr. Gecko thanks Tusk for cooperating as there are few humanoid males around and they learned a lot about sex, much to Ange's anger. Afterward, Ange and Vivian meet Salamandinay and another DRAGON female who actually is Vivians' mother, and the DRAGONS plan a festival for her return. During the festival Salamadinay's guards meet with Ange and Tusk asking them to learn about them, and they, in turn, want to learn. Tusk asks Ange if they really need to return to their Earth, which Ange does not have an answer for yet.(CROSS ANGE: "The Other Earth")

In the morning Ange wakes up in a room and frees Tusk who had been tied up as they are visited by Salamandinay, Naga, and Kaname. She joined Vivian and Lamia for the breakfast, in the first instance she suspected the food may be poisoned as well as the authenticity of Lamia being Vivian's mother but finally, she accepted to eat. After that Lamia brought Vivian for shown her the house where she was born, they go to a stadium at Salamandinay's suggestion afterward and Ange is surprised that the place is still in almost perfect condition today. Naga tells Ange that it is thanks to Salamandinay that the building, which is more than 500 years old, was able to be restored to good condition. Salamandinay then challenges Ange to a competition where if she wins, Ange must assist them in fighting against Embryo but if she loses, Ange is freed. They then compete through tennis, baseball, golf, and various other sports, and by so doing, they are able to develop a friendship. Salamandinay tells Ange that she is more than happy that Ange is able to stand up to her. She displays an elated expression, which is something nobody else has seen her do. Sala tells Ange that what leaders have to do is to protect their citizens; while on the other hand, Ange expresses a negative opinion that opposes Sala's beliefs, creating a strained atmosphere between them. When an unstable singular point appears, in the face of this abnormal situation, Salamandinay moves into the offensive in an attempt to help the people, and Ange pilots the unfinished Villkiss to help Vivian. Although Salamandinay is confused, at the proposal of Ange, Salamandinay embraces the idea of negating the effects of her weapon, the Convergence Space-Time Gun which activates by singing a song called "Towagatari ~El Ragna~", with the Villkiss' Dimension gun and closes the singular point. As this event triggers, Salamandinay realizes that she must act as a leader, and she pours her heart out to Ange, saying that they must increase mutual trust and that her mind is set on them supporting each other as good friends. The two acknowledge each other as friends and Ange gives Salamandinay the nickname "Salako" as she has problems pronouncing her full name. Salamandinay wishes to call Ange "Anko" but the latter refuses.(CROSS ANGE: "Resonant Battlefront")

In the hot springs, Salamandinay reveals to Ange that she has discovered Aura deep underground in the Misurugi Empire, and that they must march with all power to the Misurugi Empire through a singular point to recapture it. Salamandinay tells Ange that she trusts her judgment, and that if she were to go to the war front with Ange, she would be very glad. Afterward, Tusk suggests that it would not be bad to fight in cooperation with DRAGON. In contrast, Ange feels anxious because she has become unable to believe anything as a result of the constant lies. She says that it is strange that a former princess would invade the Misurugi Empire. Tusk encourages Ange that she should do what she wants to do, and then tells Ange he will support her to the best of his abilities. Ange is calmed by Tusk's optimistic words. Tusk sexually harasses Ange and is subsequently thrown into the river by her, suffering serious injuries. As they enjoy eating lunch, Lamia thanked Ange to have protected them and to have saved their town, she said that she wanted just to help Salamandinay and regretted not having saved everyone. As a result of Tusk's injuries, he is invited by the DRAGON women to have dinner with them, he seems infatuated with them makes Ange very jealous, and she makes a threatening gesture towards them, and then she makes space only for two and waits on Tusk hand and foot. Tusk comments that the meal that Ange served to him was the best. Ange feels a strong kinship with the people of Arzenal, admiring the fact that they are able to live both happily and peacefully, even without Mana. Ange decides that she will go back to Arzenal because it is a comfortable place to live in and also because Momoka is waiting there for Ange's return. After Ange has made her decision, Salamandinay arrived by saying that she will be forced to fight her again, Naga said that she was dangerous and she known too much about them but Kaname told her Ange saved the townspeople, Naga added that it's not that long ago they were trying to kill each other and they should take her into custody. Ange informed that she didn't intend to fight them any longer to the surprise of Naga, Salamandinay told her that she respects her decision saying she felt free to return to the other side when the singularity opened in the morning and she will have Kaname and Naga escort her if she required. Despite the protest of Naga, Salamandinay told her that she should not be surprised that she trusts a friend and said Ange they will finish their competition when the battle will be over. The next day, she, Tusk and Vivian assisted to the arrival of several DRAGONs when Dr. Gecko told Tusk that wanted to know more about his body Ange intervened saying he wasn't a rare specimen for her to experiment with, but her knight. After the speech of the High Priestess, Ange, Tusk, and Vivian headed to the Singularity Point with the DRAGON's army, Vivian asked what should they do if DRAGON win, she said that she will invite Salia and the others in her house, Tusk said he will open a small cafe in a nice town by the sea with Ange, he will call it Angel's Cafe Ange and they will live on the second floor with their four children. Ange was angered to hear Tusk ordered Vivian to kick him off but Tusk corrected his words and said that he hoped they will get to enjoy peace someday. After that, the Singularity Point opened she thought Cafe Ange sounds nice, after having traversed the singularity she and the others noticed five black Villkiss who engaged in the fight against the DRAGONs. Ange decided to help Salamandinay despite Tusk's warning, she saved Salamandinay from black Villkiss' attack and told her to retreat but Salamandinay refused because they must take Aura back from Embryo, Ange told her she was the lieutenant guardian and she should look around her and questioned her if she really thought to retake Aura in their current situation. Tusk advised Salamandinay to retreat for now and to regroup if they wanted to win next time, Ange makes up her mind to fight in order to give Salamandinay time to reach the Singularity Point as a result she is able to return to the other earth. In response to being attacked, Ange battles a group of people and, in the end, learns that the people attacking her are her former co-workers from Arzenal: Salia, Ersha and Chris. Salia informed her they were taking her into custody and they have a lot of questions to ask her, she confronted them Salia said to her that she never knew that she was so weak but finally said she had become stronger and she has changed thanks to Embryo. Ange is captured by Salia's formation "Shining Rose Triangle" but is saved by Vivian and Tusk and tried to escape despite she is restrained by Salia black Villkiss' wire who repeated that she was taking her to Embryo, Ange questioned her if she slept with him by calling creepy narcissist what irritated Salia who wasn't let her disrespect him. At the time, they will reform "Shining Rose Triangle", Ange ordered several times her Villkiss to fly until her ring activated and turned the Villkiss in Ariel Mode and teleported she, Tusk, and Vivian to Arzenal. Ange asked where did everyone go, Tusk replied her that he was sure that they escaped safely and Jill wouldn't go down so easily. Suddenly three mysterious individuals came up out of the water, Ange was initially scared saw Momoka who was very happy to find her with Hilda and Rosalie.(CROSS ANGE: "The Black Angel of Destruction")

Ange explained her experience with the DRAGONs to others and proposed to ally with them. She reveals that the purpose of DRAGONs is to recapture the Aura and that if it goes well, all energy will be cut off and this could stop both the infrastructure of Mana and the world. By doing so, the Singular Point would become unable to open, and Para-mail would no longer be necessary. Ange says that, in the future, the Norma will no longer need to perform the ridiculous act of killing DRAGONs to harvest Mana energy. Salamandinay's battlefront receives considerable damage, so Ange suggests to Jill that the best option is to work with the DRAGONs. Rosalie didn't agree with her by saying they killed so many of their people and to cooperate with them was folly, Ange said her that if she talked to them she will understand but Jill said they weren't trustworthy and asked her if she thought that Libertus will be over in saving a single DRAGON and affirmed they have to kill Embryo and destroy the world which will release the Normas. Jill reaffirmed Ange's beliefs that she is trying to break free from the anger of being betrayed by humanity and from her past which was filled with discrimination and prejudice, Jill added that she had gone soft and asked her if the DRAGONs have brainwashed her or she became a woman and told her that if she wanted to play with her boyfriend in a pink flower garden, she had to accomplish their mission what irritated Ange. Because Salia has double-crossed the team, thus decreasing their war potential, Jasmine proposed that Ange should make contact with a DRAGON by using the Villkiss and that she should cooperate with the DRAGONs to form a united front to Embryo, Jill agreed and said that she will announce their strategies after she is done to evaluate their intel before to leave the room. Jasmine told Ange that, at the back of her mind, Jill is pleased that she came back in one piece, in the cafeteria, Tusk revealed that the Aurora was a submarine made by the Ancient Human in the past to fight against Embryo, and that it is a promising avenue in the battle against him. Momoka informed that the beds were a little small but the rest was very comfortable, Hilda reproached Ange to have disappeared and to have returned with a man, Ange apologized to Hilda who blushed and informed that the things were really bad after she left, Rosalie said Arzenal collapsed, a lot of people got killed and Chris and the others joined the enemy. Ange asked why did Salia and the others join Embryo, Rosalie said that she also wanted to known but they shot at them mercilessly and she was no longer consider as their friends, Ange is surprised that they haven't sunk but Rosalie told her that it is thanks to Mary, Marika and Nonna, who have recently been raised to the rank of Mail-rider. Tusk is worried about the state of Jill. Hilda tells Tusk that Jill had told the surviving Norma, that the Libertas plan was a just cause that would free them from their cursed fate and from Embryo. While Hilda is complaining about Jill, inspector Emma Bronson, who is drunk, confesses that Jill is the only woman she can rely on after having been betrayed by a normal human. In the bathroom, Hilda asks Ange about her past, and subsequently pours forth her own feelings, culminating with the two kissing. The next day in the control room of Aurora, Jill accepts Ange's proposal and outlines the specifics of the diversionary operation, which involves the capture of the point "Dawn Pillar", where Aura and Embryo currently are. However, Jill merely thinks of DRAGONs as a necessary sacrifice to carry out the Libertus, and she believes that the team should not attempt to help the DRAGONs' suffering. She says that DRAGONs are nothing more than tools to accomplish the Libertus. Ange gets fired up at Jill's attitude and tells her that, if that is the way she feels, she will have to carry out the plan on her own. Jill takes Momoka hostage and threatens Ange to try to force her to cooperate. Jill says that Libertus is proceeding as planned and that the Villkiss is the strongest weapon to defeat Embryo. Tusk releases the poisonous gas which he had installed beforehand, and escapes with Ange, having declined Jill's reckless suggestion. However, they are cut off by Jill at the flight deck. Jill and Ange fight, but in the end, Jill's efforts add up to nothing. Ange makes a firm decision to fight for those who believe in her, and then takes off from the flight deck in her Villkiss and starts to attack. After the Villkiss gets off the ground into the beautiful sky, Ange asks Tusk to shoot her own plane, because putting the Villkiss in a lurch is necessary for her to metastasize to Salamandinay's place. Soon, circumstances force Ange to face off against her former comrades. (CROSS ANGE: "The Sea of Parting")


Sophia Ikaruga Misurugi[]

Sophia is Ange's mother who kept the fact she was a Norma from her. They had a very loving mother-daughter relationship. When Angelise was being detained by officers, Sophia shielded her daughter from a fatal gunshot wound showing that she values her daughter’s life over her own. As she lay dying, Sophia begged her daughter to live on, a motto that Ange lives by.

Sylvia Ikaruga Misurugi[]

Sylvia is Ange's sister. Their relationship was initially very loving but became strained due to how Julio made Sylvia believe that Ange was responsible for the deaths of their parents and how Ange supposedly crippled Sylvia on purpose. By the end of Embryo's failed attempt, to fuse the two earths, it is implied that Sylvia regrets her actions, as she followed her sister's advice, but the two never had a chance to reconcile as Ange went to live in the DRAGON's world.


Ange first met Salamandinay when the DRAGONs mounted a large-scale invasion of Arzenal. The two battled each other until they reached a stalemate and saw their past lives.

The two reencountered each other after Villkiss teleports Ange to the True Earth. When the High Priestess suggests executing Ange, Salamandinay intervenes. She offers Ange and her friend hospitality and explains the truth behind the conflict with the Norma and the DRAGONs. The two girls later engage in a series of athletic competitions to determine Ange’s fate and form a friendship in the process. After Ange helps Salamandinay protect her people she apologizes for trying to make Ange her property and proposes to be friends instead to which Ange happily agrees on the condition that she shorten her name to ‘Sala’.

After Embryo is defeated Ange stays with the DRAGONs. She is last seen having a karaoke contest against Sala accompanied by Vivian, Naga, and Kaname, just as they had promised back in the dragon world.

Momoka Oginome[]

Momoka is Angelise's maid who has used the mana to serve and protect her. Momoka is very close to Ange, Ange and is very close to Momoka, so much, that to prevent the killing, given the fact that Momoka is aware of DRAGON and what are really the Norma, Ange "bought" her and in this way Momoka is still happy with her service. She and Momoka were already united by little, when accidentally Momoka had broken a doll injuring herself, Ange tells her that a doll is a doll, the doll's dress can be redone, but tells her that Momoka is irreplaceable.

Then when Ange is about to be hanged, and all the people do not see the hour of her execution, Momoka tries to defend her, saying that being with Ange, she has found happiness, or when Momoka wash the back to Ange. Momoka is also one of the people who accepted it without prejudice, that she was a rule or not. In short, their relationship is very balanced.


When they first meet Tusk accidentally got into very perverse situations with Ange, and she interpreted those acts as deliberate, later she started to grow closer to him. Once they are sent into the DRAGON homeworld (the real Earth), their time together causes them to grow closer, as well as to fall in love. Later on, when Tusk was presumed dead, she wept and almost tried to kill herself to be with him, however, her memories of him stopped her. Tearful, she finally confessed she loved him, and regretted not doing 'it' with him. However, when he showed up, thinking of him as an illusion by Embryo, she consummated their relationship and made love to him for twelve hours. After the battle with Embryo ended and they were sent back to the Real-world along with the crew of Aurora, they became an official couple and opened up Café Ange together, which Tusk once said he would.

Emma Bronson[]

Is the sole non-Norma at Arzenal, she looks down on all Norma, not just Ange. She also scolded her for wearing her damaged uniform which Ange replied by asking if she felt embarrassed. Ange now considers her commander to be nothing but an annoyance and the feeling is mutual.

Zola Axberg[]

Zola was Ange's commanding officer at first, but Ange refused to refer to her as such. On the other hand, Zola saw her as just another new recruit. Eventually, this turned into sexual assault, while proclaiming an implied back story of being to a hypocritical magical kingdom in the past, and proclaimed that Ange would enjoy killing as it is both Human and Norma nature.

Ange would be the cause of Zola's death in her panic by grabbing onto her while she was in the midst of delivering a finishing blow to a DRAGON, the backlash being that they both crashed, Zola's dead body would serve as a haunting reminder of what she had done, and Hilda and her friends would subject her to even crueler treatment as payback.

As per tradition, Ange was responsible for Zola's burial, and her death was one of the most traumatic experiences that Ange has faced yet.


Vivian was one of the first people to open up to Ange, though the feeling was not mutual at first. Ange warmed up to her after her time on the island and noticed she had been looking out for her. When Vivian turns into a dragon, Ange notices that she is singing the same song while in mid-flight. Ange in response starts to sing, which, eventually, results in Vivian transforming back. She warmly welcomes back her comrade.


At first, their relationship was not very friendly, particularly because Ange had involuntarily killed Zola, and gave her the nickname "Burn Princess". Hilda's grudge continues as she sabotages the Villkiss, stranding Ange an island, and trying to have her killed via friendly fire. She considers Chris and Rosalie traitors when they warm up to her after being saved from the gravity dragon. Hilda proposes a truce to escape, but Ange almost ditches her for the abuse she took, until hearing the former's reasons for what she did at Arzenal. When they arrive and split off at the fork in the road, Hilda tells Ange not to die. Later, each one wonders if the other has found what they were looking for. When both reunite in a detention cell, they share their respective stories, with Ange asking a despondent Hilda, who now has no other willing close friends or family, whether she wants to join her in destroying the world. After Ange returns from the DRAGON's dimension Hilda welcomes Ange back. It is later revealed that Hilda is in love with Ange. During the preparation for the final assault, Hilda reveals her feelings to Ange and calls Ange her "prince", but she knows that Ange already has "a princess for a friend and a man", and that it should be strange for two women to like each other. Ange relieves her of those fears by kissing Hilda and telling her that there is nothing wrong with two women liking each other and that she will need Hilda in the new world.


Jill acts cold and harsh toward Ange. She wanted to use Ange for the mission called "Liberitus" since the beginning because she was a princess and was the only one with the ability to use Villkiss. However, she did not show this at the beginning, since she told her that she had lost everything and had given her a cavity search when they first met. The reason for this was to show Ange a lesson of how cruel this was. It is assumed that Ange hated Jill for raping her and acting cold towards her.


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  • The kanji for her middle name, Ikaruga (斑鳩?) is the native word for a bird known as the Japanese grosbeak.
  • Ange’s first several days in Arzenal and constant instance that her situation is unfair, is karmically and poetically how many Norma view life. They didn’t choose to fight and die for the mana users it was forced upon them. Many fans view Ange’s ordeal at Arzenal as justified given her prior personality and morals.
  • She is voiced by Nana Mizuki who also sings the anime's opening theme.
  • Nana Mizuki and Yukari Tamura are both voice actresses for Hyuga Hinata and Tenten respectively in Naruto. They also voiced Fate Testarossa and Nanoha Takamachi respectively in Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha.
  • Her character design is similar to that of Stella Loussier, a character from Mitsuo Fukuda's Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny.
  • Angelise was ranked the 4th best female character in NewType Magazine's January 2015 rankings [1] and 8th best in the February 2015 rankings [2].
  • Angelise has the blood type O.
  • Her three sizes are 82, 57, and 83. Assuming her underband is 70, that makes her an E cup in both Japan and America.
  • According to director's commentary, Ange and Tusk married after Libertus
  • Angelise is bisexual as she eventually married Tusk but has also kissed Hilda.
  • In her first appearance in Super Robot Wars V she has the highest evasion rate in the entire game. This is nerfed in her second appearance in SRW X where she no longer has the highest evasion.