Arzenal in Flames (武器工廠、炎上 Buki kōjō, enshō?) is the thirteenth episode of CROSS ANGE Rondo of Angel and Dragon, it first aired in Japan on January 3, 2015.


As Julio's fleet advances to Arzenal, Jill orders the entire staff to ignore the message and prepare to defend themselves as she initiates Operation Libertus. The naval fleet sees Arzenal arming up their defenses causing Julio to command an attack on Arzenal. Jill also orders Salia to guard Ange and Mei to bring the Villkiss underground where she and her crew descends to a submarine built underneath Arzenal. Julio's troops make their way inside Arzenal and starts killing people. Meanwhile, Ange becomes stubborn and defiant to Salia as she and Momoka manage to escape and head to the cafeteria. However, Julio's troops apparently attack Momoka but Ange draws fire to save her and interrogates one of the soldiers. Ange decides to head out and confront Julio using the Villkiss. Ange then activates the Villkiss' powers giving it a new red color and attacks the soldiers and their mana-powered weapons as she heads to Julio. Despite Salia's objections, Ange tells Salia that she started to like Arzenal so she will protect it and incapacitates Salia. As she is attacked by enemy units, Ange notices a light barrier protecting the Villkiss. She finally confronts Julio and as she is about to kill him, but Embryo interferes using his Black Angel Ragna-Mail to stop Ange. Embryo taunts Ange and suddenly sings to activate its powerful attack, killing Julio and annihilating his naval fleet in the process. Ange seemingly survives Embryo's attack and Embryo set his sights on Tusk and Vivian. Embryo sings again and Ange tries to save Tusk, transforming the Villkiss again this time giving it a bluish appearance. The Black Angel shoots but Villkiss suddenly disappears along with Tusk and Vivian. Back at Arzenal, the submarine commanded by Jill finally becomes operational and they leave the base.


Act One

Act Two



Appearance Characters
1 Vulcan
2 Jasmine
3 Salia
4 Angelise Ikaruga Misurugi
5 Momoka Oginome
6 Rosalie
7 Ersha
8 Hildegard Schlievogt
9 Chris
10 Hikaru
11 Pamela
12 Olivier
13 Jill
14 Julio Asuka Misurugi
15 Tusk
16 Female Teacher
17 Zhao Mei
18 Maggie
19 Tanya
20 Irma
21 Emma Bronson
22 Vivian
23 Embryo
24 Riza Randog
25 Mana Soldier


Appearance Ragna-mails
1 AW-CBX007 (AG) Villkiss
2 EM-CBX001 Hysterica


Appearance Para-mails
1 AW-CBR115 (HL) Glaive Hilda Custom
2 AW-ZZR520 (CR) Hauser Chris Custom
3 AW-ZZR520 (ES) Hauser Ersha Custom
4 AW-CBR115 (RS) Glaive Rosalie Custom
5 AW-CBR115 Glaive
6 AW-GSX232 (VV) Razor
7 AW-FZR304 (SA) Arquebus Salia Custom


Everyone, they're humans. They have no intention of helping us Norma. They intend to gather us up like possessions and assign us to fight elsewhere. Those of you who want that, surrender. But if you want to resist, follow me. Arzenal command hereby rejects human administration. We will now begin our rebellion...Operation Libertus. Those who wish to join us should take arms and gather at the lowest level of Arzenal. This is all.


Ange: It's dangerous here, isn't it? Is this really time to prepare an escape?

Salia: I told you, I have an important mission. You and the Villkiss must escape unharmed. It's probably going to last mission.

Ange: And for that, you'd give up your friends' lives?

Salia: What else can I do?

Ange: You're just like that woman. Paranoid and drunk on fanciful ideas and a meaningless sense of duty. It must be awful to be someone who gets killed over you people.

Salia: You don't understand anything, do you? How important, privileged, and special you are!

Ange: I don't even want to understand.

Ange to Salia


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