Aura Midgardia (アウラ・ミドガルディア?) is a supporting character that appears in the CROSS ANGE Rondo of Angel and Dragon television series. She is the High Priestess. Her lineage is traced to that of the great DRAGON Aura. She was elected to be the Supreme Leader if the Dragon Clan in order to recapture Aura, which is her long-cherished dream.

Personality & Character

Despite, seemingly, being just a child she was displayed calmness and wisdom beyond her years.

Skills and Abilities


When Ange and Tusk are taken to see her and her council, she asked them their names and how did they come because they haven't opened a singularity, Ange lost her temper and also asked questions. Things look grim until Salamandinay, the pilot Ange met above Arzenal, presented herself, she asked her if they know them, Salamandinay replied Ange is the Villkiss pilot who fought her machine to a standstill. The council ordered the execution of Ange, Salamandinay intervened by saying that she could operate the Villkiss which means she was special and believe the best strategy would be to allow her to live until they learn the machine's secrets and she asked to the High Priestess and her council to leave their lives to her and offers them hospitality and to show the two their world. (CROSS ANGE: "The Other Earth")

Lizardia reports to her that the reaction of the Aura is underground in the Misurugi Empire, she said to Lizardia that she had done well and announced that it was time to recapture the almighty mother Aura from Embryo's hands and she ordered her to open the Singularity as scheduled. After Lizardia left she announced to her council that this battle was for the fate of their world. During the attack of Embryo she ordered to Salamandinay to retreat saying that the Ryuu-Shin-Ki was pivotal in the fight to recover Aura and the people of Vivel headed and they take care of the rest, Salamandinay prospected and said she can't abandon these people, the High Priestess reordered her to retreat before to finish the call. (CROSS ANGE: "Resonant Battlefront")

The day of departure, she made a speech saying to the people of Aura many moon have passed since they were robbed of the light they known as Aura and the time for retaliation had come and now was this time to show Embryo their anger and might. She added that even if the children of Aura failed, their wing will not break. After this the DRAGON's army headed to the Singularity Point. (CROSS ANGE: "The Black Angel of Destruction")




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