Bikini Escape (ビキニ・エスケイプ Bikiniesukēpu?) is the eighth episode of CROSS ANGE Rondo of Angel and Dragon, it first aired in Japan on November 22, 2014.


It's the annual Festa in Arzenal, a beach party! While the pilots enjoy the sun, Hilda has darker plans [1].


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Appearance Characters
1 Angelise Ikaruga Misurugi
2 Salia
3 Vivian
4 Hildegard Schlievogt
5 Rosalie
6 Chris
7 Ersha
8 Olivier
9 Pamela
10 Hikaru
11 Jill
12 Emma Bronson
13 Zhao Mei
14 Momoka Oginome
15 Sylvia Ikaruga Misurugi
16 Misty Rosenblum
17 Jasmine
18 Maggie
19 Vulcan


Appearance Ragna-mails
1 AW-CBX007 (AG) Villkiss


Appearance Para-mails
1 AW-FZR304 (SA) Arquebus Salia Custom
2 AW-GSX232 (VV) Razor
3 AW-CBR115 (HL) Glaive Hilda Custom
4 AW-CBR115 (RS) Glaive Rosalie Custom
5 AW-ZZR520 (CR) Hauser Chris Custom
6 AW-ZZR520 (ES) Hauser Ersha Custom


Eight nosedives... Eight pivots, total four sets each. Then, we'll work on a new formation for attacking Frigate-class foes. That will be today's training. Questions?


Ange: This is the Festa?

Salia: Every year, the humans give us just this one day off. We're relieved of all training until tomorrow. It's a one-day festival for us Norma. It's a day of hope for us so we can endure our cruel tomorrow.

Ange: A chance for the slaves to vent steam, huh? Fine. But what's with this?

Salia: It's a tradition. The uniforms and rider suits are too stuffy.

Ange Aren't you embarassed? Being in a bathing suit, I mean.

Ange to Salia

Emma: Thank you for coming so far, Princess Misty Rosenblum.

Misty: Arzenal administration is the Rosenblum family's duty.

Emma: You have finished your baptism ritual, haven't you?

Misty: Yes.

Emma: Congratulations. You're now a full member of the royal family.

Misty: May I ask one thing?

Emma: Yes, anything.

Misty: I've heard that Princess Angelise is here. The Empire of Misurugi's First Princess, Angelise.

Emma: Th-There is no such person here.

Misty: Then please find her. I want to see her.

Emma Bronson to Misty Rosenblum

Chris: What's wrong with Hilda? I feel like she's been avoiding me lately.

Rosalie: Go! Go for the last spurt! You're the only one that can multiply my cash 307.2 times!

Chris: Rosalie.

Rosalie: Wh-What?

Chris: About Hilda.

Rosalie: What?

Chris: She's not at the Festa. What's wrong with her?

Rosalie: It's probably her period or something.

Chris: Shouldn't we go get her?

Rosalie: Leave her. She's not here, so she doesn't want to be with anyone.

Chris: But-

Rosalie: Have we ever been able to figure out what Hilda's thinking? Leave her, she'll be back to normal eventually.

Chris to Rosalie

Momoka: It sure is lively. It's almost like a school festi- I'm sorry. Princess Angelise. Princess Sylvia, right?

Ange: There's no point worrying about it. There isn't anything I can do right now anyway.

Momoka: But... I have a call.

Ange: Sylvia?

Momoka: No. Officer Emma. It's from the Officer.

Ange: Oh. I see.

Momoka: Yes, Momoka here. Yes. What? Princess Angelise.

Ange: What's wrong?

Momoka: There's someone that would like to meet you.

Ange: Me? Who?

Momoka: Princess Misty.

Ange: Misty? Misty Rosenblum?

Momoka: I'm told she's the fleet's representative. She'd like to meet you.

Ange: What'd be the point? Does she want to mock me?

Momoka: W-Well- Um... Princess Angelise?

Ange: I don't want to bother. I'm disappearing. Go away. You'll blow my cover if you're near.

Momoka: B-But Princess Angelise!

Ange: My name is Perolina, pero.

Momoka Oginome to Ange

Angelise: Sorry. I'm sorry, Sylvia. It's my fault.

Sylvia: It's not your fault. Please take me afar again, Sister.

—Angelise to Sylvia

Ange: I'm here to see you, Misty. It's me.

Misty: It can't be. Princess Angelise.

Ange: It's been a long time, Misty. Did you need something from me?

Misty: I've been wanting to see you, Princess Angelise.

Ange: Yeah?

Misty: I saw you at the Baptism Ritual. I couldn't believe it. The well-composed, wise, beautiful Princess Angelise. My eternal admiration, Princesse Angelise. It must be some mistake that you were a Norma. I must find out the truth. That's why I came with the fleet.

Ange: Is this going to take a while? I'm a Norma. That's the truth, and that's all there is. Are you happy?

Misty: E-Er, uh... Yes.

Ange: Good. Now can you hear my request?

Misty: Yes.

Ange: Help me escape.

—Ange to Misty

Ange: Executed?

Misty: Yes, for deceiving the people, the Misurugi royal family will someday...

Ange: Then Sylvia, too? We have to hurry.

Misty: Help me.

—Ange to Misty

Momoka: What's this?

Hilda: It's a Kingdom of Rosenblum transport ship. You can use Mana, so I'm sure you can fly it.

Momoka: I could, but what for?

Hilda: Isn't it obvious? To escape.

Momoka: I refuse. I only respond to Princess Angelise.

Hilda: Want to die, then? Are you okay with not being able to help your beloved Princess Angelise anymore?

—Momoka to Hilda

Ange: Momoka, why are you with Hilda?

Momoka: This woman wants me to fly this plane so she can escape.

Ange: Escape? Why?

Hilda: What does it matter to you?

Ange: I won't let you.

Hilda: Yeah? You going to stop me?

Ange: I'm using this ship.

Hilda: What?

Momoka: For Princess Sylvia?

Ange: I took that girl's freedom. So I have to protect her. I have to. Will you come with me, Momoka?

Momoka: Gladly.

Hilda: So we both want the same thing. How about we cooperate, then?

Ange: No, thanks. I can't trust you.

Hilda: Yeah? Then how are you going to remove the locks on this ship?

Ange: Locks?

Hilda: This transport ship is locked down with arresting gear for maintenance checks. Force it open, and the alarms will sound. Force it to fly, and it'll be damaged. Do you think you can release it? I can. I've been preparing for this the whole time. So? Want to team up?

—Ange to Momoka and Hilda

Hilda: What are you doing? Wait up.

Ange: I haven't forgotten about the bra. I went through hell because of it.

Hilda: That was a long time ago.

Ange: That's not all. You shoot me from behind. You use your minions to harass me. The Perolina costume smells.

Hilda: What's that last one?

Ange: Anyway, I can't trust you. Live well with your friends.

Hilda: Bullshit! I waited years for this. I let myself be Zola's plaything so I could survive. I made friends with those pests. I did everything. I've been waiting for this day. I'm going back home to Mom.

Ange: Mom?

—Hilda to Ange

Hilda: This is where we part ways. Ange. You better not die.

Ange: You, too, Hilda.

—Hilda to Ange


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