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Diamond Rose Knights (ダイヤモンドローズ騎士団 Daiyamondo rōzu kishi-dan?, Order of the Diamond Rose) also known as the Calvary of the Diamond Rose was an organization featured in the CROSS ANGE Rondo of Angel and Dragon television series. It was an order established by Embryo. The group served as Enforcer for Embryo's operations, and were little more than tools to him. The organization became defunct when Embryo betrayed and left all remaining members for dead.


  • Knight Leader
  • Knights
    • Ersha (former and betrayal)
    • Chris (defected)
    • Tanya (killed)
    • Irma (killed)
    • Preschool Children (Ersha's Preschool and Killed)


During Julio’s massacre of Arzenal, several Norma were approached by Embryo’s holograms simultaneously. He revived the preschool children and Chris with his abilities. After healing Chris, he asked to be friends and offered her a ring. After Embryo resurrected the preschool children, Embryo offered Ersha the ring to pilot the ragna mail Raziya. Irma and Tanya were captured by the mana powered and likely persuaded to join the Knights by Embryo. The last member to join was Salia after she was defeated by Ange. While Salia began to despair she awoke in Embryo’s presence. He treated Salia with affection and vindicated her self worth in order to make her loyal to him, in the process, she fell in love with Embryo, similar to what happen to Jill. When he was confident that Salia was under his spell, Embryo asked for her assistance in leading the Knight Troop and gave her the ring to pilot the Ragna-mail Cleopatra.

The Diamond Rose Knights made their first appearance when the DRAGONs launched a full force invasion to recapture Aura. They were ambushed by the Diamond Rose Knights. The Knights proceed to slaughter the DRAGONs almost effortlessly (CROSS ANGE: "The Black Angel of Destruction") .

After the children were re-killed in the previous battle but this time being killed by Salamandinay when she and her comrades invades the Misurugi Empire, Ersha asked Embryo to revive them again, but he refused, saying they had no place in his world, and attacking her when she begged him to revive them, thus revealing his true colors to her and causing her to defect from the Diamond Rose Knights.

When Aura is freed and the DRAGONs join the Norma in Libertus, Tusk claims the tables have turned. Embryo decides to buy time for his escape by betraying the Diamond Rose Knights, sending them to their deaths at the hands of the dragon clan. He forces the knights’ ragna mail to fire on the DRAGONs to provoke an attack. Tanya and Irma are promptly killed, Salia is about to die but is rescued at the last moment by Jill. Chris goes on a psychotic rampage and begins to massacre the DRAGONs until Hilda and Rosalie calm her down with Rosalie declaring her love for Chris.

The Diamond Rose Knights are avenged by their Knight Leader Salia who confronts Embryo in order to kill him for his actions.



  • In the dub, the Diamond Rose Knights are called the Calvary of the Diamond Rose.