The Prototype Type-0 Enryugo (焔龍號, Enryuugou?) is a Ryuu-Shin-Ki that appears in the CROSS ANGE Rondo of Angel and Dragon television series ​[1]. It is piloted by Salamandinay, the Shrine Maiden Princess of the Dragons.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The first unit of the Ryuu-Shin-Ki, it was developed by Salamandinay for her own use. Technologies from the old world were incorporated into its design, including the Space Time Convergence Cannon. An all purpose machine that excels in both close quarters and long range, its thrust exceeds even that of Ragna-mails (with the exception of the Villkiss and possibly the Hysterica) [1].

Special Equipment and Features


  • Decayed Particle Convergence Cannon "Seiran" (w/ Anti-Armor Bayonet "Shinden")
The primary weapon of the Enryugo, a large rifle that fires a powerful beam capable of destroying multiple targets in one shot. Unique to this rifle is that it also has a blade attached to it for close quarters combat. However, it's rate of fire is slow, and it's sheer size hinders movement.
  • Laminated Forged Photon Blade "Tenrai"
Like other machines from the DRAGON dimension, the Enryugo has a yellow colored emblem mounted on it's right arm which can extend into a blade for close quarters combat when needed.
  • Beam Sub-machine Pistol
For fast moving targets at close range, the Enyugo is equipped with a beam gun on its left arm. It's rate of fire is much faster than the Zuiun rifles used by Hekiryugo and Soryugo but has less range and inferior power.
  • Space-time Convergence Cannons
The Enryugo's greatest weapons is the Space-time Convergence Cannons concealed in in each of it's shoulders. In order to charge them the pilot needs to sing the "True Star Song" as a power source, which causes the Ryuu-Shin-Ki to temporary turn gold. This weapon has proven to be powerful enough to almost completely destroy two squadrons of Para-mail, along with half of Arzenal in the process. However, it takes longer for it to charge its Space-time Convergence Cannons than it would take on a Ragna-mail.


Enryugo was first deployed during the Dragon invasion on Arzenal where Salamandinay activated its Spacetime Convergence Cannons damaging the half of the Arzenal. The Enryugo was confronted by Ange's AW-CBX007 (AG) Vilkiss in a brief combat as both of them fired their cannons at each other with the result of a retreat.

Notes & Trivia


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