Fallen Princess (堕とされた皇女 Otosareta kōjo?) is the first episode of CROSS ANGE Rondo of Angel and Dragon. It first aired on October 4, 2014, in Japan.


Due to a highly evolved technology called Mana, earth has become a utopia and humanity exists in complete peace. Angelise is the first princess of the Empire of Misurugi, celebrated by the people, until one day she discovers the shocking truth... that she is a "Norma", an irregular being who cannot use Mana, considered an outcast by all. Her name is taken from her, and Ange is banished to a remote island. There she finds a group of Norma women who spend their days riding humanoid robots, and hunting dragons from another dimension [1]!


Act One

Angelise Ikaruga Misurugi rides a horse with her sister, Sylvia Ikaruga Misurugi as their parents; Jurai Asuka Misurugi, Sophia Ikaruga Misurugi and maid, Momoka Oginome, watch. Their brother Julio Asuka Misurugi rides his horse and joins them. Years later, she fights DRAGONs. In the present, Angelise captains the Ho-o Institute Iaria team in a game against Floria Academy. Angelise's teammate, Akiho, falls and causes them to lose the match. Akiho apologizes for getting in Angelise's way but as Captain, Angelise keeps the team spirit high. The captain of the Floria Academy team, Princess Misty Rosenblum comes to praise Angelise for teaching them something more beautiful and noble than victory. Angelise promises Misty that her team will make up for today in the fall competition and tells her team mates that she'll be back after the Baptism Ritual, no matter how busy she becomes. Angelise's younger sister, Sylvia, and older brother, Julio, watched the match. As their their car drives through a tunnel, Sylvia talks about her experience watching the game to which their brother, Julio, rhetorically asks Momoka Oginome if Angelise is a constant source of anxiety as she brushes Angelise's hair. Angelise is upset that she did not do what is expected of a princess. As they exit the tunnel, Julio jokingly calls the her greedy. The city is filled with Mana-powered holograms celebrating Angelise's 16th birthday. There are images of Angelise everywhere which amazes Sylvia, and in clothing stores, young girls try on clothes matching those of Angelise. As Julio's associate, Riza Randog lights a cigarette in the front of the car, Angelise makes a promise to show her nation her Light of Mana. After Julio says that he is looking forward to the Baptism Ritual tomorrow, he and Riza notice police cars on the sidewalk by a three star restaurant. A holographic Light of Mana stop sign appears, the security car in front of them stops and guards come out to set up a perimeter defense with Light of Manner shields, as ordered by Riza who tells Julio not to worry because her forces will take care of it. According to Julio, the situation regards a Norma which shocks Angelise, Momoka and Sylvia. A Police Officer forms a Mana barrier around a baby girl called Serra, he crouches down to touch the barrier and bolts of static electricity appear (Mana users cannot break through Mana barriers), on the other hand, Serra manages to destroy the barrier as she crawls to the edge of it despite protest from her mother to conceal her identity as a Norma. Angelise gasps as she sees Serra break the Light of Mana. Julio asks his sister if it's her first time seeing a Norma in person. Under Article 1, Section 3, of the Norma Management Code, the officer designates Serra as "Norma #1203-76". Serra's mother cries and grabs her daughter from the police. She is beaten by the police as a result, she begs for forgiveness and claims her daughter is simply a little bad at using Mana. Angelise, who has exited her car, intervenes. When Angelise tells her to bear another child that is not a Norma, she becomes so aggravated that throws Serra's milk bottle at Angelise. The bottle hits a Light of Mana shield that Momoka formed to protect Angelise; Angelise calls Momoka too protective. Serra is placed in a glass cage and taken away in a police car while the police restrain Serra's mother. At night, Angelise sings the Song of Light while Sylvia sleeps. She and Momoka are on a palace balcony. As Angelise begins to sing the last line of the second verse, her mother joins in. She gives Angelise a ring. Meanwhile, at the Dawn Pillar, Emperor Jurai Misurugi is programming something in a dark room, Julio watches from the shadows without his father's knowledge. It is now Princess Angelise's sixteenth birthday and the day of her baptism ritual. Angelise and Momoka ride an open top car through the city and her family with Riza follow in another car. Citizens of the Empire of Misurugi flock to the streets to see the Princess, including her Iaria team mates, many others such as Misty Rosenblum and Serra's Mother watch the event on television. Princess Angelise and her family will head the Dawn Pillar where the ceremony will take place.

Act Two

Airships surround the Dawn Pillar. After Emperor Jurai makes a speech, a glass encased machine with a cross shape inside activates, Julio, Sylvia, Riza and Momoka smile and wait as Sophia opens the machine for Princess Angelise to step inside. Angelise's Light of Mana lights up the Dawn Pillar but the machine suddenly malfunctions, the audience gasp. Akiho notices a siren noise, according to the Police Officer that took Serra, it is a Norma alert. Momoka cannot believe her eyes as Angelise, trapped and embarrassed inside the machine gazes at her subjects. Emperor Jurai knows that something has gone wrong, Julio tells his father that he disabled the disguise and laughs, Riza uses her Light of Mana to in effect hold the Emperor at "gunpoint" while Julio reveals that Angelise is in fact a Norma. Just as Julio finishes his brief speech, Sophia manages to open the glass door to the machine and free Angelise. Julio notices and orders two guards to go after them, Riza tells them to use live rounds (probably because Angelise would be able to destroy Mana weaponry). Sophia uses her mana to lock down the doors, Riza informs the rest of the guards that the suspect is fleeing into the Dawn Pillar's interior. Momoka notices that Sylvia has fainted. Guards run towards Sophia and Angelise in the dawn pillar but Sophia shuts down the doors. They approach an exit and notice their vehicle outside but once they exit, Angelise is caught in a barrier like Serra was and Sophia is captured by guards. The Police Officer tells Angelise that she is under suspicion of being a Norma and requests that she not resist. Angelise asks him what he means, stepping through the barrier, despite protest from Sophia. Upon breaking the Light of Mana, she confirmed her status as a Norma, the guards aimed their rifles at her, Akiho cries and Maki is in denial. The Police Officer aims his pistol at Angelise, asking her to drop her weapon and surrender. Angelise, who still considers herself as the First Princess, feels insulted and draws the sword she's been wearing as part of the ceremony. The Police Officer panics and pulls the trigger.

However, Sophia takes a bullet for Angelise, dying in her arms and telling her to live on. The Police Officer formally arrests Angelise under Article 1, Section 3 of the Norma Management Code. Angelise is hereby recognized as Norma #1203-77. As she's dragged by her arms by two guards, her ex-subjects heckle her. Akiho recalls her words from the Iaria game and calls her a liar. Rosenblum royal family are shocked and Serra's mother believes Angelise deserves what happened. Julio casually asks for a state funeral for his mother and touches the face of Sylvia, saying they will be busy rebuilding their tainted family. Jurai is arrested by the guards. Holy Emperor Julio the First is now in charge of the Empire of Misurugi. Angelise's belongings have been dumped in the ocean; everything from her Iaria stick to a photo of her and her parents. In the sky above Personal Transport 107 flies towards an island, the pilot informs the island that he is carrying "waste material". At the island, Angelise gets mugshots taken of her. A woman reads out her profile and tells her that she will now be enlisted at Arzenal as a soldier. As a second woman rests in the shadows, Angelise is in confusion and asks for her mother. The woman proceeds to take away Angelise's belongings, starting with her earrings and necklace. When the woman tries to take Angelises ring, the second woman opens her eyes while Angelise becomes very possessive informing her privileges of royal family and talks down to the woman, calling her the woman a "lowly officer". Insulted, the woman prepares to whip Angelise, but the second woman, who calls her Officer Emma Bronson, requests that she be the one to deal with as a Norma must be dealt with by a Norma. Arzenal Commander Jill is her name she begins to free Angelise from her cuffs.

Angelise is still in denial about being a Norma, for that, Jill kicks her in the abdomen who falls onto the bars of a cell behind. Jill is impressed that Angelise made it to sixteen years without once using Mana, and asks Angelise if she ever thought that was strange; Emma, who has Angelise's profile, explains that Angelise has a Mana-using maid. Jill tells her that it was sixteen years of work for nothing and that her mother died in vain. Jill successfully takes the ring from Angelise in her moment of grief and asks her to take it back using Mana. When Angelise fails to call upon the powers of the Light of Mana, Jill tells her that she neither has the privileges of royalty or any rights as a person. She welcomes her to hell and cuts her dress down the center. Tearing it away. Jill bends Angelise over on a table and Emma uses Mana to put her in shackles. Jill tears off Angelise's panties before proceeding to perform a violent cavity search upon her, leaving Ange overcome with shock and as she lies naked upon her blood-stained, torn-up dress.



Appearance Characters
1 Angelise Ikaruga Misurugi
2 Sylvia Ikaruga Misurugi
3 Momoka Oginome
4 Jurai Asuka Misurugi
5 Sophia Ikaruga Misurugi
6 Julio Asuka Misurugi
7 Salia
8 Ersha
9 Chris
10 Rosalie
11 Hildegard Schlievogt
12 Vivian
13 Misty Rosenblum
14 Akiho
15 Maki
16 Riza Randog
17 Police Officer
18 Serra
19 Serra's Mother
20 Jill
21 Emma Bronson


Appearance Ragna-mails
1 AW-CBX007 (AG) Villkiss


Appearance Para-mails
1 AW-FZR304 (SA) Arquebus Salia Custom
2 AW-ZZR520 (ES) Hauser Ersha Custom
3 AW-ZZR520 (CR) Hauser Chris Custom
4 AW-CBR115 (RS) Glaive Rosalie Custom
5 AW-CBR115 (HL) Glaive Hilda Custom
6 AW-GSX232 (VV) Razor


Here we go, Villkiss. My name is Ange. I will survive. Kill and survive.


Remember the promise we made that day? That we'll aspire to something more important than winning. We formed stronger bonds than any other team. This is our victory.

—Angelise keeps the team spirit high

My heart's still pounding. I thought I was going to have a heart attack when Onee-sama flew into the sky.

—Sylvia's experience watching the game

I'm so upset

Help my friends and win...

That's what expected of a princess.

—What is expected of a princess according to Angelise

The country's full of pictures of Onee-sama

—Sylvia amazed by her sister's Birthday celebrations

Angelise: But that is the very sign of a Norma. We cannot ignore it.

Serra's mother: Angelise-sama...

Policeman: It's her!

Angelise: The Light of Mana, the ultimate evolution of humanity...The Norma reject it. They are instinctively violent, antisocial monsters. She must be quarantined immediately.

Serra's mother: Please, Angelise-sama! I'll raise her well!

Angelise: You can't. Norma are not human. You must forget her, and bear another child. A proper child, not a Norma.

—Angelise Ikaruga Misurugi to Serra's Mother

Sophia: You haven't changed since you were little. Whenever you're troubled, you come here to sing this song.

Angelise: It's as if it washes everything away. My doubts, my anxieties...

Sophia: The Endless Song. The lullaby that guides the royal family.

Angelise: That guides... Oh Mother, I love this world with all my heart. The Light of Mana chases away the shadow of war, poverty and inequality. We're able to live in a perfect world of peace and beauty. Still, I search harder. For I knew that the right path for me must be within reach.

Sophia: Are you saying you've found it?

Angelise: Today, I encountered my first Norma. Those monsters that cannot use Mana... Why do you suppose these mutation exist?

Sophia: We have yet to find out. We know not what causes it, or why they are of female.

Angelise: Yes. We know little to nothing. Mother, I wish to find the key to this riddle. If we were to actually eradicate the Norma, then I know this world would become a better place.

Sophia: Angelise, please take this.

Angelise: Oh, the family ring?

Sophia: Yes, May the Light protect you always.

Angelise: Mother.

Sophia to Angelise Ikaruga Misurugi

From now on, Princess Angelise will be practicing politics. She will no doubt bring even greater peace and prosperity to our Empire of Misurugi.

Jurai's speech

Julio: What could have possessed you to allow a monster to live in the imperial household... Are you insane?

Sylvia: But, brother, I...

Julio: Sweet little Sylvia... Hear this my beloved imperial subjects. I will now reveal the truth! Lady a Norma! To conceal this fact of have a Norma rule over us must be a plot to undo our nation. This act is the ultimate treason against our citizens. Our empire will not be tainted by monsters. It is high time our people found out the truth on this, the day of Angelise's Baptism!

Julio, revealing that Ange is a Norma

I've tried so hard to save you... From the truth.

You must live, Angelise... No matter what dares may befall you, please survive.

—Sophia Ikaruga Misurugi's last words

You deserve it. You deserve it!

—Serra's Mother sees Angelise exposed as a Norma

Jill: You've got nothing left princess. Not your royal privilege, not even your human dignity. Say hello to a living Hell. Inspector Bronson would you mind lending me a hand?

Emma: Do I have to?

Jill: You don't want to get this over with? It's not a creepy job.

Angelise: What did you...

Jill: It's just the body search.

Angelise: Stop this. Please. I am the First Imperial Princess of the Misurugi Empire, I am Angelise Ikaruga Misurugi!

Jill: You were. Starting today, you're Ange.


Jill to Angelise


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