Goodbye from the Gallows (絞首台からサヨナラを Sayōnara kōshu-dai kara?) is the tenth episode of CROSS ANGE Rondo of Angel and Dragon, it first aired in Japan on December 6, 2014.


Ange is tried by Julio and the townsfolk sentence her to death by hanging. Ange realizes how cruel the humans imbued with Mana treat Normas like her and recalling her mother's words, she starts marching to the gallows while singing. She is then hanged but Tusk suddenly saves her and ends up in an awkward position. Ange, Momoka and Tusk flee from the empire with Ange wounding Julio's face using a thrown blade. As they head to Arzenal, Tusk tells Ange that Jill knows everything about the Villkiss and his orders that Ange must survive. Upon arriving at Arzenal, Ange and Hilda are detained and they tell their bitter stories, realizing the cruelty of their respective countries. They then become comrades and decide to destroy the world once they are released. Ange starts singing the same song she sang during her execution and the entire Arzenal staff hears it.


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Appearance Characters
1 Angelise Ikaruga Misurugi
2 Salia
3 Julio Asuka Misurugi
4 Riza Randog
5 Sylvia Ikaruga Misurugi
6 Momoka Oginome
7 Akiho
8 Maki
9 Tomomi
10 Jurai Asuka Misurugi
11 Serra's Mother
12 Ersha
13 Zhao Mei
14 Salia
15 Vivian
16 Rosalie
17 Chris
18 Sophia Ikaruga Misurugi
19 Tusk
20 Jill
21 Hildegard Schlievogt


Appearance Ragna-mails
1 AW-CBX007 (AG) Villkiss


Appearance Para-mails
1 AW-GSX232 (VV) Razor


Sylvia: This is for pushing me off my horse. This is for leaving me unable to walk. And this is for being born.

Momoka: Princess Sylvia! Please, please stop. This is cruel.

Sylvia: Cruel? This Norma... this disgusting, violent, antisocial monster was my sister. What could be any worse? Apologize. Say you're sorry for being a Norma.

Sylvia whipping Ange

Julio: I thank you, Momoka. You've given us this opportunity to dispense justice. It was I who exposed Angelise's identity at the Baptism Ritual. After sixteen years, we finally rid the royal family of this pest. All that remained was to wait, and hear that she'd been sent to hell and devoured by another monster. But...Much to my surprise, she did not die. She might have continued to live on. That's why, Momoka, I sent you. It wasn't easy. Did you think a mere maid would simply be allowed to meet with a Norma banished to the ends of the earth? To see you fighting for Sylvia, not even knowing you were being manipulated... That was hilarous indeed.

Momoka: No. No.

Julio to Momoka

The Empress died in her foolish attempt to protect a Norma, and the witless Emperor was executed for deceiving the people. Abominable Norma, Angelise, who carries the royal bloodline. With your judgement, the cleansing of the royal family will be complete. Tonight, this nation will be reborn. The new Empire Misurugi. As Julio the First, Emperor of the Holy Empire, I demand that this Norma be executed.


Momoka: It's not her fault. Princess Angelise didn't do anything wrong. I found happiness thanks to Princess Angelise.

The crowd: Hang her. Hang her. Hang her.

Momoka: Why? Why does Princess Angelise need to endure this?

—Momoka trying to reason the crowd

Momoka. You... And those people... You were the only ones... who accepted me without prejudice, Norma or not. Compared to that... These are the just, peace-loving people of Misurugi Empire? There're pigs. All of them. They're all unreasonable, ugly, stupid pigs. Why do we Norma have to go through so much to keep them alive?


Thank you, my dear brother Julio. You revealed my true identity. Thank you, Sylvia. You showed me the true, filthy nature of human begins. Goodbye, beasts from a rotten nation!

—Ange to Julio and Sylvia

Momoka: I'm sorry. I'm sorry, Princess Angelise.

Ange: For what? I feel refreshed, thanks to you.

Momoka: Huh?

Ange: I realized I don't have family or friends or a home.

Momoka: Princess Angelise.

—Momoka apologizing to Ange

Ange: Why were you there?

Tusk: I got a message from Jill.

Ange: Jill? The commander?

Tusk: She said not to let you die. And this. Don't you need this?

Ange: Thanks. What are you, exactly?

Tusk: I'm a Knight of Villkiss.

Ange: Knight?

Tusk: A knight to protect you. You can ask Jill for the details.

Ange: I will.

Tusk: Can I ask you something, too? Your hair's a beautiful blonde color.

Ange: S-So what?

Tusk: You're blonde down there, too.

Ange: Die, pervert knight!

Tusk: This is where we part.

Ange: Are you leaving?

Tusk: There are things I need to do. See you.

Ange: Thanks for coming. I would have been dead if not for you.

Tusk: I was trembling. I'd never heard such a beautiful, enchanting voice. It was a nice song. I'd never heard it before, yet it was somehow nostalgic and happy. A strange song. I'd like to hear it again.

Ange: Yes.

—Ange to Tusk

Jill: You're quite a lucky fugitive. Getting a man to give you a ride home...

Ange: Jill. There's something I want you to tell me.

Jill: Sure. But... Only after you're done reflecting.

Jill to Ange

Salia: You're being informed of your punishment. Ange of Salia Squad, for your desertion, you will be placed in the suspension quarters for one week. Your wealth and property will all be confiscated. This includes the Villkiss, of course.

Ersha: You have to take responsability. You're a deserter, after all. Hey. Why? Why did you run? We've been here since we were babies. We don't know the outside world, and there's no one waiting for us. We don't have a reason to leave. There's no place for us Norma to go outside. So why?

Salia: Ultimately, it's because she's different from us. I shouldn't have trusted her.

Salia and Ersha to Ange

Ange: Hilda.

Hilda: Stay away.

Ange: You're back, too, huh? Are you okay?

Hilda: I said stay away.

Ange: What happened to your face? What did they do to you?

Hilda: You ought to talk first.

Ange: Death sentence. I was stripped down, whipped, mocked, and hanged.

Hilda: Not bad.

Ange: And you, Hilda?

Hilda: I was beaten by fifty men.

Ange: Wow.

Hilda: I took'em all down, though.

Ange: Look like you took quite a beating, too.

Hilda: Shut up.

Ange: Did you meet your mother?

Hilda: Who knows?

Ange: Oh.

—Ange to Hilda

Hilda: No. Mom!

Ange: Mom? How strange. Are you depressed?

Hilda: Huh? Why would I- Why would I be? I thought of all people, Mom would accept me. I thought Mom would forgive me for being a Norma. But she didn't. That's what it means to be a Norma. There's nowhere outside for a Norma to be.

Ange: You have your friends here.

Hilda: Friends? I don't have friends.

—Hilda thinking about her mother

Chris: Hilda's back.

Rosalie: Hey, why did you desert us? Why wouldn't you talk to us? We're friends, aren't we?

Chris: She never thought of us as friends.

Hilda: You finally get it. I never thought of you as friends to begin with. I was just playing along with you.

Rosalie: Are you serious?

Chris: Hey, Hilda. You should have died.

Rosalie: C-Chris.

Chris: Let's go, Rosalie. I bought back all of Captain Zola's stuff. I don't want you to have it.

Chris and Rosalie to Hilda

Ange: Hope? Do you honestly believe such a thing exists? All that exists is persecution and fighting DRAGON every day. Dammit. It's almost funny. Those ignorant bastards are brimming with prejudice and bigotry. They hear I'm a Norma, and they reject me like idiots. Is it that bad that I can't use Mana? Is it bad that I'm different? It's all a lie. Friendship, family, social bonds. I can't believe I said friendship is great and bonds are beautiful. I want to beat myself up.

Hilda: Dumbass.

Ange: Yes, I am. Dumbasses everywhere. The world's rotten. How about we destroy it all? I bet we could do it. With our Para-mails and Arzenal's weapons...

Hilda: How far do you think it is to the continent? We'll run out of fuel, and then it's splash.

Ange: We just have to build something that can make the trip, then.

Hilda: What about food?

Ange: There's plenty of fish. Or we could steal from the humans, if we had to.

Hilda: And materials?

Ange: We'd figure something out. The world oppressed me, humiliated me and degraded me. I'll reject it myself. This wretched, frustrating, infuariating world.

Hilda: It's bullshit. I'm saying it's bullshit. All of it.

Ange: Then let's destroy this bullshit world. The whole thing.

Hilda: Nice. I wouldn't mind helping. There are things I want to destroy, too.

—Ange to Hilda


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