Maggie (マギー Magi?) is a supporting character that appears in the CROSS ANGE Rondo of Angel and Dragon television series. She is the Surgeon of Arzenal, and best friend's with Jill.

Personality & Character

She gets excited when she sees blood.

Skills and Abilities


She is one that is aware of the plan "The Libertus". (CROSS ANGE: "A Loner's Revolt")

In the aftermath of the invasion, Jill assesses the condition of Arzenal, she informed her that they have lost the plant. (CROSS ANGE: "Dragon Song")

After the attack of Arzenal, she tried to comfort Emma Bronson who was very scared but she reject her. When the report of a DRAGON survivor arrive, Jill said her to get all the inhibitor. After that Vivian regains her human form, she injected her an product and brought her to the infirmary. (CROSS ANGE: "Her Right Arm's Past")

She heard Jill ordered the entire staff to ignore the message and prepared to defend themselves and initiates the Operation Libertus. When Arzenal was infiltrated, she defended the Medical Bay by ordering at her staff that their top priority was to transport the severely injured. She saw Emma ran to the shooting enemy asking for help because she was not a Norma, but narrowly avoided getting shot through her head thanks to Maggy's intervention the bullet went through her hat instead. After this she announced the retreat and went to search Vivian who brought by soldiers of Julio's troop, she tried to recover her but she failed. Shortly after she was seen aboard the Aurora with Momoka and Mei. (CROSS ANGE: "Arzenal in Flames")




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