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Mana (マナ Mana?) aka Light of Mana (マナの光 Mana no hikari?), the ability to use technology by interfering with the physical phenomenon, will power, to move objects without touching them and to create a energy barrier that protects the user or other people and can also be used to trap someone. It is also possible that it possesses healing abilities. Those whom cannot use Mana, like the Norma and Ancient Humans, are not considered "Human".


The human race has reached the end of its evolution. The ability to use technology through Mana generates heat and light, which makes it possible to share information with the majority of humans by accessing the integrated system. As a result, people of the Empire of Misurugi, deepen their mutual understanding of one another by leading each other to overcome problems such as war and discrimination. A utopia for civilization was built off of this power, causing inequality and poverty to not exist. Although in truth inequality does exist and is reflected onto people referred to as "Norma".[1]

List of Characters with the Ability to use Mana