Princess Misty Rosenblum (ミスティ・ローゼンブルム Misuti Rōzenburumu?) is a supporting character that appears in the CROSS ANGE Rondo of Angel and Dragon television series. She is a Princess of the Kingdom of Rosenblum which holds jurisdiction over Arzenal. She is a school acquaintance of Ange.

Personality & Character

Because of Misty’s limited screen time her personality is difficult to describe. During her first appearance she shows admiration towards Angelise when competing against her in a Laria competition. When visiting Arzenal, Misty immediately request Ange’s presence. While she attempts to believe that Angelise, her hero is not a Norma she is shocked by Ange’s acceptance of her status. Interestingly, despite being a mana user, during her limited screen time Misty never showed outright animosity towards the Norma. Aside from being shocked at Ange’s identity of being a Norma revealed, she never shows hatred of the norma or even insulted them on the spot as most mana users due.

Skills and Abilities

Since Emma Bronson stated that Misty successfully underwent the "Baptism Ritual Ceremony", which requires the Light of Mana, it can assumed that she has the ability to use it.


She won the Iaria Championship for her school, Floria Academy of the Kingdom of Rosenblum, which faced off against the Empire of Misurugi's Ho-o Institute. After the championship, she is impressed by Angelise's words. She is shocked when Angelise is discovered to be a Norma during her Baptism Ritual ceremony. (CROSS ANGE: "Fallen Princess")

Her family, is one of the few elites who knows about the clandestine operations in Arzenal and it is suggested that they are also one of the few who manages it. She went to the island during the "Festa Festival" to learn the fate of Ange, but she ended up as her hostage where her Personal Transport was used as a means to escape. She is found by police officers, gagged and tied up in the Perolina costume. (CROSS ANGE: "Bikini Escape")

During the finale, Misty and her mother were seen aboard the royal family's now crippled mana plane as a gang of frightened citizens stormed the airport desperate to escape the temporal storms ravaging the world of Mana. Her ultimate fate is unknown.




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