Naomi (ナオミ Naomi?) is a character mentioned in the CROSS ANGE Rondo of Angel and Dragon television series and the main protagonist of the CROSS ANGE Rondo of Angel and Dragon tr. PS Vita game [1]. She is a Norma and a Para-mail pilot from Arzenal.

Personality & Character

Naomi is kind and gentle girl who is very open-minded and pure though sometimes can be absentminded even. She doesn't have any prejudice against people and treat those around her with respect. She cares deeply for those around her and only wish to have a happy life.

She acts like a bridge character to the main cast conflict, offering a third person view to all of their problem and soothing them with her kindness in the process. Her existence is like a combined character of Coco's pure and upbeat heart, Miranda's caring and understanding personality and Zola's conviction who were all her acquaintances before she fell into a coma.

Skills and Abilities


Naomi's name was on the blood-stained pilot suit handed down to Ange. While Salia ripped off the name tag, she mentioned that the previous owner had died. (CROSS ANGE: "Unyielding Spirit") .

In the game's continuity however, she merely fell into a coma. After recovering from her injuries, she began fighting DRAGONs again with the pilots of Arzenal's First Troop in order to repay a monetary debt which earned her the title "Debt King" and various debt related title.[2]

Chapter 1

Within her coma, she met with a mysterious voice and express her wish to come back. After awaken from her coma, Naomi learn of the death of her teammates Coco, Miranda as well as the captain, Zola.

She was later enlisted to the Paramail 1st Squadron but was unable to sortie due to her Paramail being destroyed. During the time she's unable to sortie for combat, she interacts with the squadron members and went through the diary left behind by Coco, learning many things about the situation as well as how Coco feels toward Ange. This leads her wanting to find out more about Ange, who was blame as the cause of Coco, Miranda and Zola's death.

Later, Jill informs Naomi that her Paramail has been repaired with parts recovered from Coco and Miranda machines and she is to sortie as once. Naomi goes into combat smoothly but was paralyzed with fear when a Galleon-class dragon emerges from a singularity. Ange saves her, which reignite her will to fight. Naomi later wants to repay Ange by protecting her with her ability, after witnessing her personality and action for herself, but immediately got told off by Ange and the suggestion of others. Despite this, she was able to take a positive respond out of Ange and decides to keep fighting and live on, believing that this is what her fallen teammates would have wanted.

Chapter 2

Naomi is informed by Jill that she is in a huge debt due to the repair of her Paramail, causing her distress. She went to the cemetery, wanting to ask Coco and Miranda on what to do and accidentally overhear Chris and Roslie, who are furious about Ange over Zola's death and decides to pull a plan to mess her up. Naomi then meets with Jasmine who gives her some advises and suggest that she will help her out if she protects Ange in battle.

Naomi goes looking for Ange and runs into Chris and Rosalie, asking them about what they said earlier in the cemetery and express herself that she only wants everyone to get along. Chris then suggests that Naomi drink the liquid from a suspicious bottle to prove herself or give it to Ange. Naomi drinks the thing, much to Rosalie's distress and surprise Chris that it has no effect on her while it suppose to cause diarrhea for three days straight. Chris then runs off to ask if she was given a fake drug while Rosalie gives Naomi an antidote just in case if the drug does have any effect and reassures Naomi that she will still not try to get along with Ange but admit that Naomi is a very interesting person.

Naomi keeps going with her search for Ange and stumble upon Ange and Salia arguing with each other along a playful Vivian. Salia is suggesting Ange to work more in tune with the team which Naomi agrees to but couldn't find any ground with Ange. Despite Naomi best efforts in coming up with a solution, Ange still brushes it off but her suggestion somewhat manages to relieve Salia on the problem. Ange left and Naomi has to look for her again.

Naomi's search lead her to the Paramail hangar where she meets with Ersha and Hilda. Ersha was wondering if she was going to check on her machine for maintenance when Hilda informs her of Naomi's debt. Hilda then suggests if Naomi's want to receive help from her, in exchange she will attack Ange in combat much to Naomi's distress but still she decides to hunt dragon to pay it off instead. Seeing Naomi's situation, Ersha decides to give her some hint with fortune telling, which requires Hilda and Naomi to tell her their underwear color they are wearing. Ersha tells Naomi that the place she should be looking for is at Jasmine's Mall which reminds Naomi of her conversation with Jasmine. Then Naomi takes off again, thanking Ersha for her advise and telling Hilda to get along with Ange, much to her disgusts at the time.

Naomi finds Ange on the way back. As Naomi tries to get close to Ange, the two engages in a conversation about how their view on life are different, and Ange says that a Norma like Naomi can never understand her. The alert goes off indicating a singularity and the two decides to rush out to sortie. Unfortunately, due to the last battle, Naomi's Paramail is under maintenance and she could not sortie and Ange leaving her behind. As much as she begs to go out there in order to protect Ange, Jill says that rushing to her death would accomplish nothing. Naomi accepts her order and return on standby while pondering about the topic she talked with Ange, thinking if Arzenal isn't the only place for Norma and where she would be if she finds a world where she can be more than what she is right now.

One hour later, Jill informs her that her unit is ready for action and she is to report to the briefing room. There, it is stated that the signal for the Vilkiss and Ange cannot be confirmed. Jill orders the 1st Squadron to find the Vilkiss and Ange, but in the worst case scenario only retrieving the Vilkiss is enough. Naomi swears that she will find and bring Ange back and rushes out. She meets Jasmine along the way, who informs her that she had made some improvements to Naomi's Paramail and will throw in some help should she is success in bringing back just either Ange or the Vilkiss, in which Naomi assures that she will definitely bring Ange back.

Naomi sorties to find Ange, destroying the dragons coming from the singularity in the process and finally find the Vilkiss within the vicinity. She lands on the beach and calls out for Ange but was greeted by Tusk, much to her surprise, is a man. Ange quickly rushes in and tell Naomi to step back and calling Tusk an "animal" which doesn't seem to do much to the relived Naomi. Ange tells Naomi that Tusk saved her and the Vilkiss. Naomi thanks Tusk for taking care of Ange and Tusk respond likewise, asking Naomi to take care of Ange from now on before leaving. Ange asks Naomi to keeps everything about Tusk a secret and thanks her for coming to help her. The two then return to Arzenal.

In the shower room, Naomi was thinking about how it was unnatural for the Vilkiss to crash like that. Hilda then chime in and suggest that what if it was someone sabotaging it. Naomi thinks about it, bringing up Chris and Rosalie but quickly brushes them off, thinking they wouldn't want to involve themselves in something serious like this. Hilda asks Naomi what if it was Hilda that did it, much to Naomi's surprises but ultimately brushes it off as just a suggestion. Hilda comments on how Naomi has a good eyes for people and Naomi is thankful for the compliments.

Ange returns and meet with the 1st Squadron members and everyone is giving her a piece of their mind, which Ange doesn't really seem to care, as she says that she didn't ask for their help in the first place. Ange says that she would only keep on living the way she wants by herself even if she's in Arzenal. Naomi says that she's grateful that Ange returns since she can fight alongside Ange and protect her. Ange is annoyed and tells Naomi to stop being meddlesome but is retorted by Naomi since she thinks that she's just as selfish as Ange, causing Ange unable to retaliate and decides to leave. Hilda asks if that's alright and if Naomi has already forget her debt. Naomi then reassure herself that she will keep fighting alongside everyone to make peace to the world as well as paying off her debt, follow by a cheerful Vivian and a worried Salia.

Chapter 3

Alarm is going off as someone has infiltrated Arzenal. Naomi is spook and worries if they would come her way since she doesn't know what to do and is afraid that her debt will go up if she mess anything up. Naomi wonders who would infiltrate Arzenal and goes over to look as everyone is surrounding the area. She was surprised to see the infiltrator to be using the Light of Mana before Ange reveals it was Momoka. Momoka passes out right after meeting Ange and leaving everyone awestruck for the night.

The next day, Naomi is accompanied by the annoyed Rosalie, Chris and Hilda. Naomi constantly missing the point of Rosalie frustration making it even worse, as a person with mana like Momoka is striving to work for Ange who is a Norma. As the sight of Momoka gladly serving Ange making everyone uncomfortable, Naomi only finds is quite unimaginable that a person with mana would work for a Norma like this. Naomi got harshly remind by Rosalie that, as the Debt King, she should be worry about Momoka's position than anyone else, much to her dismay. Hilda, Chris and Rosalie left, unable to stand such sight, leaving Naomi by herself to wonder if it is as bad as they make it out to be. Salia explains to Naomi about the situation with Hilda, causing the latter to think that making a great dish like something Momoka makes for Hilda would help her lighten up. Salia asks if Naomi even has any money to pull that off and give her a sympathetic smile. Naomi was allowed to give it a try but have to follow Salia's order to not make any trouble. And so Naomi decides to go around asking.

Naomi goes looking for Ersha in the locker room later and runs into Salia and Vivian as well. Vivian says that Ersha's curry is very delicious but Naomi doesn't think that would be able to change Hilda's mood. Ersha says that she could teaches Naomi how to make curry but she hasn't able to try her hand at anything like what Momoka made since she only learned from books. Vivian brings up the vast collection of books that Salia has, who insist on them being a different and difficult to understand type, making Naomi thinks that Salia is working with more sophisticate stuffs as a captain, which is hitting Salia in a wrong way. Salia thinks if it would be okay to just buy something delicious from Jasmine's Mall but Ersha suggests that a meal would be more delicious if the person themselves put more feelings into it, so it's better to make it yourself. Naomi is quite distressed since her debt isn't leaving her much room for such choice as she doesn't want to go down with her debt and crushing the dreams that is left with her. Ersha finds Naomi quite cute with such worry despite risking her life to protect others and decides to help. Vivian and Salia decides to help out whenever they can as well. Naomi gives them her gratitude and leaves.

On her way back, Naomi runs in to Ange and Rosalie who are trading insult with each other and later joined by a Momoka who is trying to defend Ange. Naomi decides to yell at them to stop the fighting. Suprised, Naomi gets another nickname from Rosalie, "Debt Rider". The fighting mellows out a bit when Naomi's mention Emma but reignite again when Ange leaves Rosalie with an insult, making Naomi have to calm her down again and almost forgot what she came for. Naomi asks if she can get to know how to make what Ange ate, since she believes that if everyone gets to eat delicious thing, they won't have to feel bad about it, to which Ange has no problem letting Momoka teaches her. Rosalie warns Naomi that eating the same thing would just make Hilda angry, she needs to make something better which doesn't really bode well for her. Momoka asks for Ange permission to give Naomi some advice which she agrees. Naomi was surprised and glad that Momoka decides to learn her name as a fellow members of Ange's team. Naomi is grateful for the help and Momoka decides to drag Ange along, saying because it's for her friends.

Naomi goes to the Paramail hangar and was surprised by Hilda sudden approach. She proceed to ask Hilda about her favorite food. Chris thinks that Naomi is trying to get in with Hilda with food, which Naomi admits much to their surprise. Naomi's intention is pure but her words is badly interpreted and in turn angered Chris, who thought she's trying to snatch Hilda. Naomi then explains her worries about Hilda's problem, since everyone is part of the 1st Squadron, everyone should have each other with their problem. Naomi says that Hilda shouldn't bottle up on her own, which greatly offense her. Naomi doesn't realize until Chris told her to look at Hilda's face. Hilda leaves with Chris, leaving Naomi empty-handed. Chris came back to Naomi on her way back and says that she wants to help out much to Naomi's delight. Although Chris still hates Ange and immediately think up a way to poison Ange during their conversation, Naomi is glad she can gets everyone together.

Later, the people who wants to help gather in Naomi's room. Naomi is having trouble keeping everyone in check, Ange is complaining about the crowd, Salia is annoyed by Ange's chest, Vivian feels to hot and Rosalie feels like someone is touching her butts. Naomi asks if anyone have any idea, Chris and Rosalie gives details about how Hilda tends to talk about her mother and Ange orders Momoka to look it up for them. Rosalie feels like someone is touching her breasts. Naomi tries to jot down some notes but doesn't understand some words so she asks but immediately got yelled at by Ange and have to try not to get the notes get squished by Rosalie.

Naomi brings the list to Jasmine, which is a lot more than usual because she couldn't decide on a single one. Thing doesn't seem to look too good for Naomi, then suddenly a singularity appears and she has to go into battle. Jasmine suggests that this is a good chance for Naomi to take advantage of and she rolls with it. She goes into battle against a Galleon-class dragon and triumph.

Naomi is seen in the shower room together with Hilda. Hilda is baffled at how Naomi burned all her pay right after battle, wondering for whose sake she's doing it for as it looks like a foolish thing to do, considering her debt. Naomi reassures Hilda that it is not and she thinks that making food and having it together with everyone is fun. Hilda decides to leave Naomi alone while the latter promises to show Hilda a great dish later.

Hilda is surprised by all the food on the table and wonder if Naomi made it all by herself which she gladly says that everyone helped out. After a bit of bickering later, Naomi is happy to hear that Hilda says she likes it, reluctantly. Hilda quickly finishes with her meal and leave. Naomi, seeing something wrong, chases after her.

Naomi chases after Hilda alone. Hilda admits to Naomi that what she had was great and she has done a great work with the food. Hilda says that what Naomi and Ange do is none of her business but tells Naomi to never do something like this to her again as it bothers her. Hilda's words make Naomi thinks about what Hilda really feels right now.

Chapter 4

The chapter starts with Naomi thinking about the flu that is going in Arzenal lately. It is revealed that only Naomi, Ange and Vivian are not affected at the moment. Naomi wonders if everyone else is okay and if their medicine are working. Much to her surprise, there aren't any left for the 1st Squadron and she said something to Maggie that almost get her into trouble. She and the other two get to have a vaccine to prevent them from catching the virus but is grossed out by the taste. Naomi wants to help the other members by giving them the vaccine, much to Ange dismay and is surprised to hear that Vivian has never caught a cold in her life. Naomi then asks Jill what would happen if one cannot participate in fighting dragon should they appear, which the penalty is a lot of money, causing her to worry about the 1st Squadron future going into massive debt.

Despite Ange nagging and Vivian having know nothing to help, Naomi still wants to find a way to help so Ange just leave her alone. Vivian wants to go back and check on Salia so Naomi see her off and tells Vivian to call her if she is not feeling well.

Naomi decides to take a look at everyone room. Nobody is in their room despite the order. Naomi meets a sickly Momoka looking for Ange. Naomi urges her to go back to her room and rest as her flu seems to be getting worse, telling Momoka to leave Ange to her. Naomi then leave to look for the others.

Naomi meets Salia and Vivian in the cafeteria. Salia stubbornly refuses to stay down due to her duty. Naomi says that without a captain, they can't perform their duty and she should rest up so she can recover quickly instead of pushing herself and collapse. Salia gave in and Naomi tells Vivian to go on treating duty for the members that are affected by the flu. After leaving Salia in Vivian's hands, Naomi left to look for the others again.

Naomi finds Hilda, Chris and Rosalie in the locker room. Naomi wonders what they are doing despite being sick and they bring up some methods to heal the flu, which scares her in many ways imaginable. After hearing them out a bit, Chris condition got worse and the three of them retreat to their room and Naomi says that she will bring over medicine later, which Hilda obliges.

Naomi saw Ange and Ersha near Jasmine's Mall. Naomi is glad that Ange is looking after Ersha but got shook off again. Ersha tries to buy a few things to treat herself before going back. The content make Ange wonders if they are effective at all and Naomi can only says that "if it works for Ersha then it works". Naomi asks Ersha about their effectiveness, effectively make Ersha drift off the last of her sanity and goes into trance mode. Naomi panics and quickly drag her back to her room after convincing Ange to help out.

After bringing Ersha back to her room, Ange feels nostalgic about her past. Naomi reassures her that what is beside her right now is just as important and encourage her. Despite not really asking for it, Ange still gives a faint smile and thanks Naomi for it, opening up with her a little more. Naomi thanks Ange as she returns to her room and decide to check on everyone once more before going back.

A singularity appeared but the 1st Squadron is still down due to the flu so the 2nd and 3rd Squadrons are sent out instead so Naomi returns to take care of her comrades.

Naomi meets Jasmine at her mall and is spooked when she shows her a bunch of snakes. Jasmine was trying to make medicine from the snakes but Naomi worries that they don't have the money to offer. Jasmine whispers them a price that Naomi thinks they can handle but still unsure if they can make medicine out of it and Jasmine reassure them that they only need a pot to boil it down into soup.

Naomi, Ange and Vivian starts to make medicine for the others. Despite the frown of the latter two due to the smell, they still help Naomi out anyway since they aren't the one taking it anyway. Despite some struggle and despair even, everyone took the medicine and return to top form. As an emergency come up, Naomi, Ange and Vivian was suppose to sortie despite the lack of members, everyone recovered and join up on the operation. Naomi and the squadron went into battle against a Bighorn-class dragon and triumph.

Naomi and Hilda is taking a shower together after the battle. Hilda is feeling better and feels a bit indebted to Naomi but can't help wondering what she let her drink. Naomi, worries that it might shock her even more, decides to keep it a secret and run away despite Hilda pleas.

Emma and Jill wonders how Naomi gets everyone back to health with just a single day. Naomi just humbly reply that she did her best at taking care of them back is reprimand by Jill to take pride in what she managed to do. Naomi is reward with a bonus, much to Vivian's dismay though, it got deducted directly into her debt so party. Naomi is glad since even if she can't take the bonus, the reward was worth the investment, confusing Jill in the process. Hilda is butting head with Ange about what happened and drag Naomi into it, thought she doesn't really mind much, to the confusion of Emma and Jill.

Everyone is in their top form and is looking forward to the Festival. Naomi asks Hilda if she knows what she's looking forward to and receive a straight answer. Naomi is glad since she usually can't make up her mind for these sort of thing and Hilda tells her that she should wholeheartedly enjoy it, but turn away with a frown without Naomi seeing it.

Chapter 5

It's Festival time. It's swimsuit time. Naomi is in a school swimsuit. Everyone is excited while Hilda is being kind of annoyed. Naomi wonders if she doesn't enjoy this sort of thing but Hilda says that she's especially look forward to this Festival. Although that being said, Hilda still left the group to be alone. Ange and Salia butt heads again after Salia tries to explain what is the Festival and Naomi have to stop them again. Ersha asks what Naomi wants to do and she thinks of going around tasting the food but doesn't have any cash left, much to Rosalie and Chris surprised. Naomi thinks she can at least offer ice-cream with what little she has, Rosalie decides to "help" her out. It is not lending her some cash like Naomi thinks. Rosalie throws that into a pig race bet, much to Naomi confusion.

Of course, the one Rosalie bet on lost, Naomi loses her money and Rosalie high tail out of there. Left in the dump without any cash, Naomi went back to Emma and ask to work for the Festival since she doesn't know what else to do at a Festival at this point. Naomi wants to help make Festival a day where everyone can be happy and smile while getting seen right through by Emma that she also just want to have a bento to get through the day since she doesn't have any money left. Jill comes in and approve to let Naomi patrol the area for any shady activities.

Naomi bumps into Perolina and wish she could get a present too but snap back into reality instantly and wonder where everyone from the 1st Squadron is. Upon seeing Perolina going around fast, Naomi is motivated to work harder too. Then she spots Salia, Vivian and Rosalie talking and come over. Rosalie tries to coerce Naomi into betting on the pig race again but got shutdown by Vivian and Salia exposing her streak of failure. Naomi doesn't have any money left anyway so she can't even give Rosalie any. Naomi then decides to go back to work while Vivian and Rosalie stumble away for their own business. Salia invites Naomi to watch some play with her and the ticket is on her. Naomi was a bit reluctant but Salia vouches for her so she go along with it. The story was so good the two left crying. Naomi says even if she's a Norma, she's still a girl and is interested in love story, which Salia finds a very common thing and even Norma should dream about. Salia decides that she would lends Naomi some books later, which the latter is very grateful for. Obviously, Naomi doesn't realize that Salia is trying to find a kindred spirit.

Naomi runs into Perolina again in Jasmine's Hall, feeling as if she's looking at her. Perolina got dragged away by a kid right away so Naomi just thinks that she's imagining it. Ersha then come in and greets her. Naomi suddenly realizes Ersha looks really good in her swimsuit, which Ersha sees through right away and compliment Naomi in return, much to her embarrassment. Naomi caught sight of a space out Chris and ask if she's alright, just to be shook off. Naomi wonders if she should leave Chris alone but got called out by Ersha. Chris then tell Naomi if she even know how to make someone important to you smile. Naomi doesn't know how to make Hilda smiles, but she think that to make Hilda smiles, Chris has to be able to smile first. Chris envies the fact that Naomi can be so ignorant, which the latter take as a compliment much to Chris distress. Naomi suggests that she tries her best in the Festival Sport Meets, which unfortunately flip a switch in Chris and she leaves with quite the malicious sense of "trying her best". Naomi can do nothing but worry and goes back to her patrol work.

Naomi meets Momoka and she compliment Naomi's swimsuit. Naomi wishes Momoka could have relaxed and wears one too but Momoka is dedicate to Ange all the time so she won't take off her maid clothes, which Naomi doesn't really understand. Naomi looks over and wonder what Ange and Hilda is doing, which unfortunately even Momoka doesn't know. Naomi thinks Ange looks like a fashion model in her swimsuit which cause Momoka to gush. Naomi goes over and tries to talk with Ange and Hilda but got brutally rejected instead. Naomi suggests that Ange should go look at some attraction in the Festival but got shot down again. Hilda just left for the beach and Naomi suggests Ange going back together. Ange doesn't respond which make Naomi worries if something it's on her mind. Momoka says that she's been like this for awhile since the Festival begins which make Naomi worries. Momoka tries to lighten the mood by saying that Ange has chose some great friends since she came here but was cut short as Ange orders her to follow, leaving Naomi hanging. Naomi was asked to keep the topic a secret so she didn't say anything else.

Naomi patrols around the beach as the sun is setting. She runs into Perolina again and greet her after a hard work day. Perolina says that the Festival is not over yet, which encourage Naomi to do her job seriously until the end. A call for Jill is broadcasted and Perolina tone change and reveal herself to be Jill, greatly confused Naomi. It seems that a dragon is located so Jill orders the 1st Squadron to report back immediately so Naomi rushes out and calls everyone back.

An emergency occurs and the Festival might have to be cancel. Naomi doesn't want that and beg to subdue the dragon before that happen despite the team is lacking Ange and Hilda at the moment. Naomi wants to protect the event that would make everyone smile and don't want all the work everyone made to this day to be wasted. The other presented members agreed and they goes into battle against the dragons. In the midst of battle, they spot a vessels of Rosenblaum but they didn't respond to communication so the team have to wipe out the dragons as fast as they can. After all the dragons are wiped out, Jill calls the team back for an explanation while Naomi thinks about her role as the Paramail Rider for Arzenal.

The team is informed that Ange and Hilda has deserted Arzenal. Naomi would like to inquire further but Jill asks that she wants sometimes to think and Naomi steps down.

Naomi then take a shower, one that she doesn't feel any sort of relaxation at all for the first time. She questions why Hilda would leave, if there is something more in the world out there, if it isn't worth it just live to live in Arzenal. Naomi doesn't know what is real now. Naomi laments her own lack of knowledge about the outside world and couldn't understand Hilda's reason for leaving. Naomi wonders where Hilda has gone and call out her name repeatedly until she leaves the shower.

Everyone is gathered in the briefing room. Naomi wonders if they found Ange and Hilda but unfortunately not. Hilda whereabouts is unknown but Ange and Momoka is said to have been sighted within Misurugi Empire. Jill orders Naomi to take her Paramail to Misurugi Empire as her unit is loaded with Arquebus unit level parts from Zola's Paramail. Naomi asks if Hilda is sighted along with Ange but Jill can't say anything on the matter. As Ange is still the priority, Naomi decides to sortie swiftly so she can turn to look for Hilda. As she prepare to leave for Misurugi, Naomi prays that Ange is safe.

Chapter 6

Naomi looks around in awe as she arrives in Misurugi and is explained to various by an old man. She got told that Ange is to be executed after she returns and is berated by the people as Norma. Horrified by such a twist, Naomi tries to control herself and ask the man to show her to the site.

Naomi hears the song that Ange used to sing and decides to save her but got revealed as a Norma by the man who guided her there due to her breaking his Light of Mana. He calls out for help but Naomi shook him off and he got knock out by Tusk who rescued and is helping Ange and Momoka escape. Everyone is surprised but they have little time so they must move. As they hide from the police, Tusk says that he didn't expect Naomi to be here before got shoved aside by Ange, who is flabbergasted that Naomi is here and ask for her reason. Naomi tries to jokingly says that she deserted too but it obviously isn't funny for Ange so she tells the truth that she comes to take Ange back. After a bit of bickering, Tusk asks Naomi to take only Ange and Momoka away with her Paramail much to Naomi surprise. Naomi immediately leaves for her Paramail, dodging the lewd acts Tusk inflict onto Ange right after.

Naomi tries to escape but is tailed by the polices. The squad arrives on time and help them out of a pinch. Naomi manages to shake the pursuit and arrives at the escape point. Though escaped, Jill orders Ange to be detained immediately, much to Naomi's dismay.

After returning to her room, the truth about the outside world leave much for Naomi to think. The reaction of the man who guided her in the city is too much of a twist when he finds out she's a Norma, making her wonder just what is Norma. Naomi doesn't know what is she fighting for and what she must do after all these revelations.

Naomi leaves and bump into Salia. Naomi is worried about Ange as a friend and want to check on her. Salia is reluctant at first but decides to help Naomi meet up with Ange. Naomi meets both Hilda and Ange in the prison cells. She asks if Hilda is okay but is rebuttal harshly and Ange asks if she's here to laugh at them since she was the one who brought Ange back. Naomi demands Salia to release them since she feels like they don't deserve to be treated like this but Salia can't do anything as it is Jill's order and all Norma who went through this must paid the price. Naomi calms down and apologize for her outburst and asks what happened to Ange and Hilda. Hilda says she was betrayed by her own mothers after years trying to find a way to desert and asks Naomi to just laugh at her, which the latter obviously won't. Ange then berates Jill for what she's doing and angered Salia but Naomi begs Hilda to stop the two, settling thing down a bit. Salia tells Naomi to leave with her as she's already done what she came for but Naomi wanted to stay with the two a bit longer so Salia leaves them to it. Naomi wants to try and mend Hilda's wound, saying that it's bad to leave a scar on a beauty like her, which cause Hilda to rile up a bit. Hilda also mention to Naomi that she got a parting gift from Chris, who now consider Hilda a traitor which she admitted. Naomi doesn't accept and says that Hilda actually didn't mean it. Hilda says to leave it and tell Naomi to never mention it to Chris or Rosalie or she will kill her for it. Naomi accepts and says that Hilda should rest and she will bring medicine later, who apologetically accepts.

Naomi leaves the prison and hear some weird voices in the open. She recognizes the voice which belongs to Chris and Rosalie but ponders if she should be intruding on them. Thinking that she decides to have a serious talk with everyone after what has transpired, Naomi went in for the block. Rosalie is extremely concerned about what they were doing in the public while Chris doesn't mind at all and want Naomi to leave them to it. Worried, Naomi tries to pass as having something to tell them which ended up with a lot of nag from Chris. Naomi decides to ask them what Norma really is and why Human despite them to point of wanting to kill them which doesn't really yield anything more than she already knew. Chris wants Naomi to buzz off but Naomi wants to help the distressed Rosalie and advise them to have a happy time in a more personal space then runs off. A desperate Rosalie chase after Naomi and latch onto her, not letting herself going down alone. Naomi tries to shake off the topic but ended up lighting Chris off to a three people play instead and even Rosalie is pushing her onto Chris as a sacrifice as people starts to gather and notice the three of them. Misunderstanding starts to spread and they almost got into the report by Hikaru.

Naomi meets up with Ersha and Vivian and they talk about what happened for a bit. Naomi is still stuck on the Norma topics, while Ersha reassures her that they are what they are, Naomi can't really put her thought about it into words. Naomi wonders why must the Norma fights dragon for Human and what would they think if they are not Norma anymore. Despite not really coming to a conclusion, Naomi still thanks Ersha for answering her honestly and wonder if she's scared of fighting dragons. Ersha says that she wants to protect the Arzenal that houses the children she loves, so even if she's scared, she still wants to fight. Naomi takes this to heart and says that she already feel better and will think about it some more and return to her room.

Despite talking to everyone, Naomi still couldn't figure out an answer to her question about Norma. She leaves it for another day.

Naomi meets up with the 1st Squadron members except Hilda and Ange who are supposedly still on detention. Naomi tries to talk about the reason why Norma fight for human and why against dragons but is interrupted by an attack launches directly against Arzenal by a singularity. All units within Arzenal are ordered to scramble immediately.

As the dragons are pushed back and retreat, the Enryuon appears much to Naomi's surprise, but she resolves to defeat all enemies and charge into battle. Even with the whole 1st Squadron combined, they couldn't defeat it and before it could deliver a finishing blow, Ange's Song of Star starts up. All the enemies singularity retreat upon Ange arrival. Naomi wonders if it is because of Ange's presence before return to base with everyone.

Naomi meets Hilda in the base who she's glad to see safe and sound. But due to being in prison too long, Hilda stinks and Naomi got forced to tell her the truth and got punished for doing so anyway. Naomi apologize and pass Hilda the shampoo, who then embarrassingly scrub herself away.

Naomi meets Ange on the seaside and praises the song that Ange sung, which is reveal to be the Eternal Story ~ Song of Light~ . Ange then sings the song and it resonates with everyone through the night.

Chapter 7

Arzenal has been devastated. The 2nd Squadron is completely annihilated and the 3rd Squadron Paramails are all down. The 1st Squadron is having a meeting which isn't going really well due to the bad relation between Chris, Ange and Hilda. Naomi backs Ange up as it's more important to try and survive at the moment. There are a lot to sort out. Naomi wonders about the objective of the dragons, the unknown Paramail and the property of Ange's song to Villkiss. Naomi starts to piece them up together and suddenly runs off.

Naomi confronts Jill for the truth. Jill calls Ange over and she tell both Naomi and Ange about the truth of Embryo, the Ancient Humanity, the discrimination of Norma and the previous Libertus. Ange answers to Jill for the Libertus is "No" while Naomi says that she will fight it is for everyone but she won't fight if it is not. Naomi asks about the objectives of the dragons and Jill wants to show them something but interrupted by a dragon attack. Both Ange and Naomi rushes to aid their squad.

Naomi rushes to the scene but the dragon is already dealt with for the moment but is not finished yet. The squad chases the dragon around but it starts to sing. Naomi recognizes the song as the same one as Ange's. Everyone is worried that Ange might be eaten but Naomi doesn't feel any malice from it and feels like it recognize Ange, which it turns out the dragon is Vivian when it transform back into her.

Jill shows the team a pit where dead dragon is burned. Naomi wonders why there is a human body inside the dragon and is revealed by Jill that Dragon are actually humans transformed too. Naomi is horrified by the fact that everyone has been fighting their own if that is the case. Jill tells everyone to think about the cause for themselves and don't need to give an answer if they wish so.

Next day, Naomi and Jasmine is checking out reserve. Naomi is still torn about everything she gets to know up until now and the questions are hurting her head. She finds it difficult to get over. Jasmine told her to get a meal early and so she did. Naomi meets Hilda and Salia during their work and share with them some food. Salia can't seems to stomach anything at the moment though to which Naomi shares the thought. Hilda asks if they know what Libertus suppose to be. Naomi answers that it is a fight to end the discrimination between Human and Norma. Hilda says that fighting is either kill to be kill, and since the dragons decides to strike first, who would Norma be siding with. Naomi thinks that would be Human since after all, Norma is still human at first and the Libertus is to destroy the wall between the two. Naomi wonders what Salia would do and surprised that she says she doesn't know, expecting her to still follows Jill. Naomi is worried about Salia lacks of spirit as she leaves before Hilda reminds Naomi of her job and she rushes out.

Naomi bring meals for Ange and Vivian, the former is still coping with the shock with Vivian. Naomi is glad to see that Vivian is energetic as ever and haven't lost her appetite. Naomi puts out a portion for Momoka too but can't seem to find her so she tells Ange to let her know once Momoka is back. Vivian pops a quiz to Naomi, asking if she's a dragon or a human. Naomi answers that she only sees a human in front of her now. Ange wonders how is Vivian like this and Naomi thinks maybe Jill knows something since she was the one who brought Vivian to Arzenal. Although troubled, Naomi is glad that Vivian still cares about her friends. Naomi asks Ange what she would do since she declined to work with Libertus and is quite baffled with her answer. Ange asks if Naomi really wants to fight with the Libertus but Naomi doesn't really know what she should be fighting for and wish that she could make decision like Ange did. Ange encourages Naomi to just follows her heart like she has been until now. Naomi gives Ange her thanks as they take their leave. Naomi thinks about her own reason to move forward.

Naomi meets with Ersha, Chris and Rosalie, bringing them their food. After a bit of arguing, Ersha asks what Naomi really wants. Naomi says that if it can be done, she wants to travel the world. Ersha admits it is a great dream but it might be hard since if Naomi leaves Arzenal, she won't get to take her Paramail with her, which she totally forgot. Chris asks how Naomi thinks Misurugi was like during her visit. Naomi admits the place is glittering and full of happiness which make Chris wishes to visit it as well, but still tell them how horrifying they turned when a Norma is presented. Ersha thinks that a world without such scary thing is better for the children, Rosalie doesn't think that they can do anything to change the world as Norma while Naomi states that being Norma doesn't have to do with anything. Naomi believes in what Ange said, if you live you live by what you decide. Rosalie and Chris couldn't care about it but Ersha wants Naomi to state her mind, seeing as she's still worried. Naomi asks what Ersha is fighting for and she says that she just want to protect those who are dear to her. Naomi expresses her gratitude to Ersha and promises to take her words to heart.

Split route

From chapter 8 onward, depending on the choices that you made, the story branches into 3 path. Naomi will either joins Libertus, defects to Embryo or sides with the Dragon.

Libertus Route

Dragon Route

The common route where Naomi joins up with the Dragon people. This route will lead down to the ending with the heroine that Naomi have the most affection with.

Embryo Route

Naomi joins up with the Diamond Rose Knight and defects to Embryo side. This route lead down to the ending where the world being recreated into that of "Cross Ange: Tenshi to Ryū no Ecole" with Naomi being the center figure.

Heroines Route

Hilda's Route

As Naomi takes care of Hilda when she's tired and help her through some tests, Hilda's affection to her goes up. Naomi is challenged by Hilda to some Paramail mock battles and Naomi came out victory, making Hilda to admires her as a partner. After awhile, Naomi manages to bake Hilda an apple pie as a gift. The taste reminds Hilda of her happy day with her mother during her childhood, finally breaking down the wall around her as she hugs Naomi and cries. Naomi is troubled and says that she won't give Hilda the apple pie again if it reminds her of the sad memories when she goes back to her mother, which Hilda disagrees. Hilda says that no matter how painful thing had been, the good memories will still be there with her and it's all thanks to Naomi. Naomi is relieves and says if that is how Hilda truly feels, then after all the fighting is over, she will make the apple pie again and they will enjoy it together. The two then vow to return safely after the war is over.

During the ending, Naomi and Hilda is seen living together in their own home and having breakfast. Hilda is taking care of the house while Naomi is going out to help stabilize the world after the war. Naomi is surprised by how much Hilda made for her and is very happy just be able to eat what she made. Hilda complains that she would be happier if Naomi is home more often which make Naomi feels a bit apologetic. Hilda suggests they go on a date later since it's Naomi's days off and they have a lot to catch up which the latter agreed. It is revealed that Naomi has to go on another mission tomorrow which make Hilda frowns, thinking that Ange is working Naomi too hard. Hilda wonders how long would it take for Naomi to come home again which is said to be quite awhile. Hilda is discouraged and says to Naomi that if the happiness she seeks and Naomi's is truly the same. Naomi reassures Hilda that, just like how Hilda is happiest when she's with Naomi, Naomi is happiest when she's with Hilda. Naomi wants to use this happiness to help change the world into a happy place so the place of her happiness is safe within it. Hilda understands and asks if Naomi wants second with a smile. Naomi then think the about the happiness she has, the place they live together, the delicious meal they have and the smile that Hilda gives her. Naomi wants her fight to keeps their happiness intact and hope that this happiness can one day get through to the world out there.

Salia's Route

Naomi gets closer to Salia as she sticks together with Salia when she's tired and help her out. Naomi improvement in her capabilities during the many tests and mission that she carries out together with Salia make her views Naomi as a precious partner, even admitting that she's happy that she lost to Naomi as a senior in controlling the Paramail.

Embryo Route Events

With Salia's defection to Embryo's side, Naomi follows suit and be there with her through tough times. The trust built with Naomi was strong enough that Salia decided to force Naomi into an animal suit cosplay. Despite this, Naomi doesn't really mind and even show to have some aptitude for cosplaying, as she displays many gestures that even made Salia's expectation to get shot out of the window. Salia is glad that she get to relieve some stress with Naomi and admits that she wishes to do pair cosplay with someone but couldn't show this to anyone, as they would laugh at her. Naomi tells Salia that she wouldn't do such thing which Salia reassures Naomi that is just because of who she is and it isn't something that she would do with just anyone. Naomi says that it would be nice if the world becomes a place where people gets to do what they want after the war ends. Salia asks if Naomi would like to cosplay with her again then and Naomi promises so but want to be in something other than an animal suit which Salia proudly asks take up the request.

DRAGON and Libertus Route Ending

During the ending, Naomi is seen working with Salia in Misurugi, looking after the consequences left over by the war. She's not doing so well as she accidentally wipe the data and Salia has to step up and help recover it. Naomi wonders if she should have taken up other jobs like Hilda or Vivian but Salia it can't be helped due to the circumstances they are in. A young recruit comes in and ask Naomi for her sign on some Rosenblum Empire documents which she happily complies. Salia urges Naomi to not just smiling and move her hands so the work can be done quicker. It bums Naomi out a bit but the two is done with job after awhile. The two then proceed to enjoy themselves with their cosplay section. Naomi admits to herself that at first she was just try to get along with Salia's hobby but it has grown on her over time, though she still keep this a secret from Salia. The world might still not be at peace, but Naomi thinks that with every little bit of happiness they are making, the day where everyone can be together smiling will come. Together with Salia, Naomi looks forward to the future they are striving for together.




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