Pyrethroids (ピレスロイド Piresuroido?) are small unmanned weapons used by the Empire of Misurugi.

Special Equipment and Features

  • Crush Mode
The Pyrethroid extends chainsaws and begins spinning at high speed, it then crashes into its opponent.
  • Capture Mode
Multiple Pyrethroids attach themselves to an opponent with wires, immobilizing it before flying it away.
  • Gun Mode
The Pyrethroid extends two machine guns from the top and bottom and fires them simultaneously.


The Pyrethroids were first seen during the attack on Arzenal led by Julio Asuka Misurugi. Large numbers of these drones were released to prevent Arzenal's Para-mails from taking off and to capture Mail-riders. Irma Kankkunen and Tanya Zabirova were captured by them during the attack. Most, if not all of them, were destroyed by the Villkiss' Michael Mode.[1]

Notes & Trivia

  • "Pyrethroid" refers to an organic compound commonly used in insecticides. The weapons' name may refer to their role in exterminating Norma.
  • The Pyrethroids are very similar to the Bug unmanned weapons from Mobile Suit Gundam F91, given its name, the resemblance is likely intentional.


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