Salia's Depression (サリアのうつ病 Saria no utsubyō?) is the seventh episode of CROSS ANGE Rondo of Angel and Dragon, it first aired in Japan on November 15, 2014.


Salia's struggling with her new job as squadron captain. Things reach a boiling point when she decides to confront Ange [1].


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Appearance Characters
1 Angelise Ikaruga Misurugi
2 Rosalie
3 Chris
4 Hildegard Schlievogt
5 Salia
6 Vivian
7 Ersha
8 Jasmine
9 Maggie
10 Zhao Mei
11 Jill
12 Emma Bronson
13 Momoka Oginome
14 Vulcan
15 Olivier
16 Pamela
17 Hikaru


Appearance Ragna-mails
1 AW-CBX007 (AG) Villkiss


Appearance Para-mails
1 AW-CBR115 (HL) Glaive Hilda Custom
2 AW-GSX232 (VV) Razor
3 AW-CBR115 (RS) Glaive Rosalie Custom
4 AW-ZZR520 (CR) Hauser Chris Custom
5 AW-FZR304 (SA) Arquebus Salia Custom
6 AW-ZZR520 (ES) Hauser Ersha Custom


Captain's log, March 3rd. DRAGONs appeared. My squad was ordered to engage. But Ange once again ignored her orders and acted on her own. Ange attacked by herself and destroyed the target. Maintain discipline and follow orders... if she can't do that, we may have to force Ange off the Villkiss. Log complete. No additional notes. Casualties today: zero.


"Arrived at the southern edge of Galia, but no sign of our friends. Planning to continue recon toward the Empire of Misurugi."

Jasmine reading Tusk's message

Jasmine: That snot-nosed brat is still alive.

Salia: Tusk.

Jill: Yeah.

Maggy: To think it was him that saved Ange...

Mei: So it was him that fixed the Villkiss.

Maggy: Probably.

Salia: Are you saying Ange was alone with a man?

Jill: Jasmine, you're in charge of contacting Tusk. We'll need his help again soon.

Jasmine: All right.

Jill: So, our problem here... You want Ange removed from the Villkiss?

Salia: She's arrogant now that she can use the Villkiss better. Her selfish behavior will someday put the squad at risk. Before that happens-

Jill: Before that happens, the captain should do something about it. You can deal with it. I'm counting on you, Salia.

—Jasmine, Jill, Salia, Maggy, and Mei discussing

Squeeze with the power of love! Making you fall in love! Bisoujo Holy Knight Pretty Salian! Charging next to you! Captain's log, March 5th. Addendum: Underwent psychological maintenance to manage stress.


Salia: I'll kill you.

Ange: What's this about?

Salia: Now that you've seen, I'll have to kill you.

Ange: I haven't told anyone.

Salia: You haven't told anyone yet.

Ange: I have no one to tell, and it doesn't matter to me what you do.

Salia: It doesn't matter? You give me so much trouble, and it doesn't matter to you? We are a team! Yet you keep going on by yourself.

Ange: You people tried to shoot me down from behind! "Team", my ass! You never stop them. You want me to die, too, don't you? I'm not going to be killed by the likes of you. That's why I fight alone.

Salia: Quit being so selfish.

Ange: Look who's talking! What "team"?

Salia: The fact that I have to be captain, that everyone's being so selfish, that you saw my secret, that you took the Villkiss...Huh? It's all your fault.

Ange: What?

—Salia arguing with Ange

Salia: How's the Villkiss?

Mei: It's always a wreck when Ange uses it. Maintenance is a pain.

Salia: It's a precious machine. Dammit.

Mei: Oh, well! She's keeping the money and the risks to herself.

Salia: Risks?

Mei: I can kind of sense the rider's feelings when I'm working on them. "I won't let anyone die." "I'm going to take all the DRAGONs' attacks myself." Or not.

Salia: You're overthinking it.

Mei: But no one's died, ever since Ange started piloting the Villkiss. Not one in our squad.

—Salia to Mei

Salia: Don't come, Ange. You'll get caught in its gravity.

Ange: Don't worry. I can handle it myself, as always.

Salia: Dammit, all of you! I've had enough, you stupid bitch! This DRAGON isn't weak enough for you to handle by yourself. You keep going off by yourself. Listen to your commander if you don't want to die.

Ange: Yes.

—Salia to Ange

Salia: Are you happy?

Rosalie: Y-Yeah.

Salia: It's because Ange came that we made so much money.

Rosalie: Well-

Salia: Stop targeting Ange during combat. We've been through a lot, but we need to do what we can in this team. Ange, stop hoarding all the earnings. You can make enough money without trying. Commander's orders.

Hilda: Who'd listen to you?

Ange: I don't mind, really. As long as you don't drag me down.

Chris: I don't mind, either. I would have been dead if Ange didn't come for us.

Rosalie: Um... Well, as long as we have this money.

Hilda: How we can you let yourselves be deceived like that?

Chris: Th-That's not it, really.

Hilda: Traitors.

—Salia to Rosalie, Chris, Hilda, and Ange

Ange: What's wrong?

Momoka: A mana message. It's the imperial court secret channel.

Sylvia: Momoka, can you hear me? Momoka.

Momoka: Princess Sylvia.

Ange: Sylvia.

Sylvia: Did you find my dear sister Angelise? Is my sister there? Let go. Help me my dear sister. My dear sister Angelise!

Ange: Sylvia.

Sylvia contacting Momoka


Notes & Trivia

  • Salia references the classic Captain's log from Star Trek.
  • The Letter of Apology:
I, Angelise Ikaruga Misurugi, wish to here provide an explanation regarding the altercation which occurred at the bathhouse between myself and First Troop Captain, Salia.

On the occasion of my daily sorties, my performance has been spectacular, and thinking about it now this was more than enough to make Captain Salia jealous. However, for my part, I knew nothing of the captain's envy and unfounded slandering of me, and I had no idea whatsoever about the captain's mounting day-to-day stress.

Even when the captain came to see me at the bathhouse my only thought was that she had come to praise my usual work, Further, even when Captain Salia came at me with a knife, I thought that this was a unique manifestation of the captain's affection and I accepted the challenge without a thought.

I knocked away the captain's knife, and after some bare-handed fighting, we entered into a battle with scrubbing brushes, and I felt that it was actually beating her that would meet her expectations, and so before I knew it, I had won a total victory.

As far as this goes, I believe my behavior is as it normally is in my day-to-day life, but I have come to learn through this incident that my being elegant and luxurious causes some people to feel envy.

I am guilty of no wrongdoing or misconduct in this incident, and I myself am not to blame in the slightest, so I can improve nothing, but if it may be said that the mere perfection of my existence begat it, then I do offer some apology.


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