Soul of God (神の求魂 Kami no Kyū Kon?) is the twentieth episode of CROSS ANGE Rondo of Angel and Dragon, it aired in Japan on February 21, 2015.


On the Aurora, Jill says to Tusk that in spite of the fact that he is Villkiss's knight, his actions have caused Libertas's failure. In Salia's bedroom, Embryo approaches Salia and offers her to let Ange join the Diamond Rose Knights, but Salia refuses. Salia tries to stop Ange who intends to pass her and confront Embryo, but in the end, Ange goes to the library. In the library, Embryo serves her tea before proposes to Ange that he wants to marry her to fulfill her dream to destroy the world. Embryo reveals to Ange that he had tried to change the world in which a brutal and greedy ancient human beings live, and make a world filled with peace by using Mana, but he tells Ange that his plans failed because the human beings living in his world essentially did not change. After Ange asks Embryo the way to change the world, he reveals that the song is built based on "unified theory" and tells her that he has converted "a law which influences cosmos" into a melody. He tells Ange that he plans to amplify the song using the Ragna-Mail to fuse both worlds and create a new world by exploiting Aura's energy. Ange refuses and attacks Embryo, but he begins to torture her. In Hilda's bedroom in Aurora, Hilda and Rosalie strengthen their bond realizing that Ange and Chris are very important to them and they decide to rescue them. Distrusting of Jill, Hilda cooperates with Tusk to thwart Jill's escape attempt to find Embryo. At the prison in Akenomi-hashira, Momoka sees Riza being tortured by Sylvia. Riza informs Momoka that there is Ange in the shelter that is exclusively used by royalty. In the Aurora, Jill reveals that Embryo controlled her mind and she became captivated by him. She also let her friends die and the only thing she can do to atone for her crime is to kill Embryo. Having now realized the truth, Hilda assumes command after Jasmine relieves Jill. Meanwhile, Embryo's attempts to torture Ange fails. Embryo gathers the other Mail-riders for trying to carry out his plan, but Salia is not there. In the shelter, Salia tells Ange that she must leave, and Ange chokes Salia before giving her the ring of Villkiss. After Ange and Momoka escape and flee, Ersha tries to stop her but then the Villkiss appears in response to the situation. Later, Sala arrives from the Singular point to help Ange.  


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