Super Robot Wars X (スーパーロボット大戦(たいせん)X(エックス) Sūpā Robotto Taisen Ekkusu?) is a game developed by B.B. Studio for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita released on March 29, 2018 in Japan. The game was subsequently released in English for Southeast Asia on April 26, 2018. It is the second Super Robot Wars game to feature CROSS ANGE Rondo of Angel and Dragon.


Scenario 6: From Another World

The Megafauna encounters Dragons arriving through a singularity. After defeating some DRAGONs, Ange in her AW-CBX007 (AG) Villkiss and Vivian in her AW-GSX232 (VV) Razor both arrive. The player character explains that their machines are Para-Mails and that the people riding them are Dragon hunters, Ange suggests they are outsiders as they consider Vivian and her to be people.








Empire of Misurugi


Series Connections

  • Wataru Ikusabe and Lelouch vi Britannia strike up a friendship with Ange. They end up as a reason why Ange mellows out by the end of the game, to the point of forgiving Sylvia.
  • In Stage 36, Assault on Misurugi, Chris calls Lelouch "Boy-Ange" [1].
  • Captain Nemo knows Jill and Embryo. When Jill and Nemo meet for the first time, he calls Jill Alektra, indicating that he knows more than he lets on. In Scenario 31A, Jill even reveals Captain Nemo was the former king of Tartesseus, Elusis La Arwall. As it turns out, Captain Nemo was a part of the first Libertus.
  • The Misurugi Empire recruits the Zogilia forces, the Mariemaia Army, Towasanga's Dorette fleet, and the Capital Army into their personal army.
  • Instead of sneaking into the Misurugi Empire, Ange asks for Zero's assistance to lead an assault. When Ange gets captured, Zero reveals that Suzaku placed bombs around the palace and detonates them.
  • Embryo knows Evgeni Kedar. Somehow, Embryo is responsible for turning Bizon into Evgeni. Because of Embryo middling with time, Bizon and Evgeni can exist at the same time. If you unlock Bizon, he gets the chance to change himself for the better. Even better, Bizon can shoot down his future self.
  • Embryo also knows Gargoyle. As a result, the Neo-Atlantean forces help out the Misurugi Empire from time to time and vice-versa. During Scenario 31, he even tries to take the Blue Water from Nadia, but fails.
  • In a DLC scenario, X Cross members invade a Misurugi town, so they can make pizza for C.C and the others.
  • Kurama eats some of Vivian's candy when she offers it to him. As a result, Kurama turns into a human. This scene acts as foreshadowing for the scene where Vivian turns out to be a dragon the whole time.
  • Ange effectively replaces Yuuki as Wataru's assistant in Scenario 22A as they attempt to search for the Frigid Sword and the Burning Sword. Ange even gets to demonstrate the Vilkiss's Ariel mode against the Zan brothers and their Gattaider mecha.
    • Salamandinay, Kaname, and Naga assist Wataru in the same scenario because he's the Ikusabe Savior. According to Salamandinay, the Seven Shinbe Dragon Gods helped Aura out. As result, the DRAGONs owe them a favor.
    • If Ange fights Zan Kokku, Zan Kokku reveals that Doakudar wants Ange dead because she's a part of the Ikaruga bloodline. If Salamandinay fights Zan Kokku, she notes her Freyja bloodline.
  • As it turns out, the color scheme of the Vilkiss is based on the color scheme of Wataru's armor and the Mashin Ryuoumaru.
  • In another DLC scenario, Salia forces the Super Robot Wars X protagonist to indulge her Pretty Salian fantasies. Lelouch, Shou Zama, and Hopes are forced to help Salia out, lest her emotions run wild.
  • In Scenario 28, the combination of Nadia's Blue Water gem, the Nu Gundam's Psycommu and Ange's Vilkiss breaches the Karmic Horizon and lets Koji Kabuto and Tetsuya Tsurugi meet Zeus. According to Zeus, he was trapped by Mazinger Zero. After a chat, Zeus gives Koji Mazinkaiser and Tetsuya Mazin Emperor G. With these two new mecha, Koji and Tetsuya head back and stop the Great General of Darkness.
  • Because of the changes in plot of Cross Ange, the Diamond Rose Knights joined because Embryo convinced them instead of an attack on Arzenal. Ersha expresses guilt if she fights Wataru or Himiko.
  • There is a DLC involving the women of X-Cross fighting to see who's the best woman in the group. At the end, the one who gets screwed at the end depends on who's the protagonist. Hopes is screwed if Amari's the protagonist, and Iori's screwed if he's the protagonist.
  • Embryo survives past the destruction of his empire in Scenario 44 of the Mt. Sokai route because of a timely rescue by Marianne vi Britannia, who has been hiding in Anya's mind the entire time. He still gets his in Scenario 46.


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