The Hometown of Betrayal (裏切りの故郷 Uragiri no shusshin-chi?) is the ninth episode of CROSS ANGE Rondo of Angel and Dragon, it first aired in Japan on November 29, 2014.


Ange and Hilda go back to their respective homes, trying to reunite with their pasts. Although what they end up finding is an illusion [1].


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Appearance Characters
1 Hildegard Schlievogt
2 Inge Schlievogt
3 Angelise Ikaruga Misurugi
4 Momoka Oginome
5 Akiho
6 Sylvia Ikaruga Misurugi
7 Hilda Schlievogt
8 Julio Asuka Misurugi
9 Sophia Ikaruga Misurugi
10 Tusk
11 Riza Randog


Inge: Hilda.

Hildegard: Mom. Mom!

Inge: Please! Spare her! Spare her! She may be a Norma, she's still my child! She's my precious daughter!

Hildegard: Mom. Mom!

Inge: Hilda! Give her back! Give back my daughter!

Hildegard: Mom!

Inge: Hilda. Hilda!

Hildegard Schlievogt taken by the police

I wonder if Hilda found her mom.


Ange: It's been a while, Akiho.

Akiho: Princess Angelise...

Ange: You're still here doing maintenance? You're as diligent as ever.

Akiho: Yes. You c-cut your hair. It looks good- Forgive me! Help me!

Ange: Akiho. Did you think I was going to hurt you?

Akiho: No...

Ange: You believe it, too? That Normas are violent, antisocial monsters.

Akiho: No!

Ange: I may be a Norma, but I'm still me. Nothing's changed. I don't intend to harm you. Akiho. You're my friend.

Akiho: Friend? O-Of course. W-We're friends.

Ange: Akiho. I have a request.

Akiho: Y-Yes?

Ange: Don't tell anyone that I'm here.

Akiho: O-Of course. I won't tell anyone. I promise.

Ange: I thought so. You're like them, too.

Akiho: Don't come near, you monster!

—Ange to Akiho

Inge: Who's there? Who might you be?

Hildegard: M-Mom. I, I-

Inge: Ah, a friend of my daughter's.

Hildegard: No. I-I-

Inge: Well, welcome. Make yourself at home. She'll be home soon. Oh right, my apple pie will be ready soon. It's her favorite.

Hildegard: Apple pie. Mom. I'm really home.

Mrs. Schlievogt to Hildegard

I knew this would happen. Does she have no concept of stealth... or infiltration, or modesty? I guess not. Well, that's definitely like Ange.


Momoka: I never knew of this secret passage.

Ange: Only royalty know of it. I used to use it to sneak out at night.

Momoka: Really? I never heard about it.

Momoka to Ange

Inge: Hilda.

Hilda: I'm home, Mom.

Inge: Welcome home. School finished early, did it, Hilda?

Hilda: Happy birthday, Mom.

Inge: You remembered?

Hilda: Of course. We're family. Apple pie. Can I some?

Inge: Wash your hands first. Your friend's going to laugh at you.

Hilda: Fine, fine. Hey, Mom. Who is she?

Inge: Isn't she one of your friends?

—Mrs. Schlievogt to Hilda Schlievogt

Hildegard: Why? Why... Why is she Hilda? I'm Hilda. I'm Hilda. Hildegard Hildegard Schlievogt. We were separated eleven years ago. I'm your daughter.

Inge: You're alive.

Hildegard: Mom.

Inge: Why did you come back?

Hildegard: Wh-Why? Because I missed you, Mom.

Inge: Leave. Leave, now! Don't ever come back!

Hildegard: Mom.

Inge: I'm not your mom. This is my only child!

Hilda: Your daughter? She's alive? You mean, she's my sister?

Inge: No. She's a monster.

Hildegard: A monster? A forcefield?

Hilda: Norma. Norma!

Inge: Hilda. Hilda!

Hildegard: Mom.

Inge: Stay away. I finally forgot about that nightmare. I was finally happy. Don't take my happiness. Please. You know, there are some things in this world that just can't be helped. Right? That I gave birth to a Norma. And that you're a Norma. Leave, please. I won't tell anyone you came. I promise.

Hildegard: Mom. How could you?

Inge: I told you to leave! You... You shouldn't have even been born! Get away from me.

—Hildegard to her mother

Ange: Sylvia, come here.

Sylvia: Okay. You came for me, my dear sister.

Ange: You're my sister. Of course. Thank goodness you're okay.

Sylvia: My dear sister Angelise!

Ange: Sylvia.

Sylvia: Don't be friendly with me. You're not my sister or anything. You monster! Why? Why were you born? If only you were never born, Mother, Father, My dear Brother and I would all have been happy. If only you never existed, I would have been able to walk. Mother would have never died. You took it all. You destroyed everything. Bring back Mother! You monster! You monster! I hate you!

—Ange to Sylvia

Julio: You look pathetic A fittingly miserable end to a fallen princess.

Ange: My dear brother Julio.

Julio: Yes, that's it. I wanted to see that dumbfounded face. It was worth trying to lure you out. Now, let's begin the trial, Angelise. For the crime that is you.

Julio to Ange

I wonder if Ange found her sister...



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