The Warped World (ゆがむ世界 Yugamu sekai?) is the twenty-third episode of CROSS ANGE Rondo of Angel and Dragon, it aired in Japan on March 14, 2015.


In the confusion of the space-time fusion, Ange rejoins the Aurora.

Ange and the others of Aurora have gathered together to start a last counteroffensive strategy, the last "Libertus".

Each heads towards the battlefield, each having different thoughts on their chests.

Having analyzed the fact that the Akeno-Mihashira is the center point of the "Space-time fusion", Hilda gives an order to the Aurora to go there, and meanwhile they get contacted by Ange. Ange, Tusk and Momoka are reunited with their allies. Ange is surprised to see Ersha's Ragna-Mail but is happy she returned, and even forgives Riza for her actions. She then talks to Jill about the best way to kill Embryo, and is told that the Villkiss and the song will unlock the unknown world that his body is hiding in. Jill then informs her that she relinquished command to Hilda, but Ange tells her about Salia defecting to Embryo. Afterwards, Hilda relinquishes command to Ange due to her royal heritage as a princess. Hilda tells Ange that she is her prince, and professes her love for her. Afterwards Ange and Tusk pledge to make every effort to return safely to each other, and Ange, who has no materials on hand, hands her underwear to Tusk as a lucky charm. Ange proclaims that they must make sure that they accomplish their purpose, and they initiate "Last Libertas". The Aurora bulldozes its way through the encircling net of enemy using its firepower, and then it bursts from the sea and flies into the air, with the Para-mail squadron launching an attack. However, the Para-mail controlled by Embryo blocks Ange's path. Embryo tries to use the dimension cannon, but is stopped by Ange. Hilda and Rosalie face off against Chris as Sala and Ange head to Aura's prison but are intercepted by Salia who wants a world without Ange. The Aurora destroys the Akenomi-hasira, and by so doing, it creates a path toward Aura. Tusk employs himself as a decoy by fighting with Embryo and provides Ange with the opportunity to move towards Aura, but then she fights Salia. As a result of the enemies' attacks hitting the Aurora, the ship is damaged internally, and Mei is almost injured, but Jill rescues her and launches an attack to accomplish the Libertas mission. Meanwhile, Ange inadvertently encounters Sylvia again after her attack on Salia and declines her younger sister's offer for help. When Ange reveals that Sylvia has not attempted walk since her injuries are healed, she forces Sylvia to flee on her own without using a wheelchair. The fight between Salia and Ange is about to restart, when Jill appears and challenges Salia personally.


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Hilda: "I know it may seem weird because we're both girls... heh. Look at me. We're at the end of the world and I-"

(Ange kisses Hilda. Hilda is surprised at first, but she closes her eyes in ecstasy.)

Ange: "Who says it's weird?"


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