• Naomi and Ersha in Cross Ange TR.
    About this picture of Naomi and Ersha lying on a bed while Naomi's hugging Ersha, it was said that it's "Naomi and Ersha in Cross Ange TR. ending" which appears to be a happy ending for Naomi and Ersha could you tell me more about it and how it all led to that ending and what is it between Naomi and Ersha?

    Also, could you tell me if this picture of Naomi, Ersha and the young Normas has anything to do with that ending and are Naomi, Ersha and the young Normas at Arzenal or somewhere else because I think it looks like Naomi, Ersha and the young Norma's somehow left and escaped Arzenal and moved somewhere else to start a new and happier life together? 
    Ersha 02
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