Tuner of Time (時の調律者 Toki no Chōritsu-sha?) is the nineteenth episode of CROSS ANGE Rondo of Angel and Dragon, it aired in Japan on February 14, 2015.


Tusk's fuselage is fiercely attacked by Ersha and Chris, causing Momoka to almost be thrown into the sea, but she escapes death by using Mana. Ange counters to the enemy's attack and allowing the Aurora to prepare to move, and under the command of Jasmine the Aurora is able to escape into the sea. Ange tries to ask Ersha and Chris what really happened to them, but they decline, and then they withdraw immediately afterwards. Ange achieves a sense of relief and goes to rescue Momoka, but Salia waits for an opportune moment and hits Ange with a surprise attack. Salia, who has deactivated stealth mode and become visible, shoots Ange with a tranquilizer gun. Ange wakes abruptly in her room in the Misurugi Empire, which remains in the same condition it was in before she was exiled, and then she meets Momoka. Ange and Momoka once again fully enjoy the life just as they had spent it when Ange was princess of the Misurugi Empire. Ange finds a letter from Embryo and realizes that the circumstances surrounding her are the result of Embryo's actions. Ange makes up her mind that she will go to the place where Embryo is and decides to attack him, but then Salia, who is the leader of Diamond Rose Knights, appears and disturbs Ange. Ange tries to inquire about what happened to Salia, and Salia replies that after she was thrown away by Jill and Ange she was given a helping hand by Embryo. Additionally, she tells Ange that, while she is no longer needed by Jill, her potential value is recognized by Embryo, and that she has fallen in love with him. After Salia says this, she and Ange get in a squabble and battle, and then Ange succeeds in shaking off her pursuers. After leaving her room, Ange once again meets the children who attended elementary school in Arzenal. In the palace garden of Misurugi, Ersha appears and reveals to Ange that she is the director of the Embryo kindergarten. Additionally, she tells Ange that because Embryo brings children which died back to life, Ersha feels a lot of favour towards him and rallies for him. Ersha feels sympathy with Embryo's plan to create a world where children can live in peace, and then she swears to stop at nothing to protect children. At the foot of the tree, Ange meets with Chris, and ask her to give Ange a tour of the place where Embryo is, and to which Ange wants to go. Afterwards, she is reunited with her younger sister, Sylvia, who had previously parted with Ange in the library.

There Sylvia lashes a naked Riza with her whip to the ground, for bring her the wrong volume and to release her frustration on her former ally for drugging her. Though degraded, shackled and muzzled, Riza snarls at her tormentor through her gag, which only earns her more punishment. Sylvia yells at her slave stating the only reason why she is alive is because Embryo permitted it. The are interrupted by Ange and Momo who are shocked at the scene. The moment Sylvia see Ange's face, she is stricken with fear. Afterwards, Embryo meets Ange and then leaves with the car, leaving Misurugi behind. In the meeting room of the Aurora, Jill raises questions about the fate of the Libertas and regrets the loss of Ange who is key to continuing the plan. In the room, Hilda reckons that the mood on the ship is bad and tells Rosalie a plan to try to recapture Ange. In the Akenomi-hashira, Ange confirms the existence of the Aura and requires Embryo to release Aura, but he refuses and shows Ange that Aura plays an essential role in maintaining peace within human society. His reaction enrages Ange, and then she sees it as a suitable reason to consider him her enemy. Ange tries to kill Embryo by shooting him repeatedly, but he is reborn again and again. He proclaims himself as a "Tuner of Time". Embryo uses his ability to hypnotize Ange and tries to seduce her, but when he kisses her an image pops into her head breaking the spell and she bites him saying that no matter what her heart will never be empty. However this makes Embryo happy and says he has been waiting for her for a long time. In Jill's bedroom, Hilda discovers that Jill is troubled by her past relationship with Embryo. 


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Appearance Characters
1 Angelise Ikaruga Misurugi
2 Vivian
3 Tusk
4 Momoka Oginome
5 Ersha
6 Chris
7 Mary
8 Nonna
9 Marika
10 Jasmine
11 Pamela
12 Hildegard Schlievogt
13 Rosalie
14 Jill
15 Maggie
16 Zhao Mei
17 Emma Bronson
18 Olivier
19 Hikaru
20 Salia
21 Irma
22 Tanya
23 Embryo
24 Sylvia Ikaruga Misurugi
25 Riza Rundog
26 Aura


Appearance Ragna-mails
1 AW-CBX007 (AG) Villkiss
2 EM-CBX003 Raziya
3 EM-CBX004 Theodra
4 EM-CBX002 Cleopatra


Appearance Para-mails
1 AW-GSX232 (VV) Razor
2 AW-FZR304 (SA) Arquebus Salia Custom



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